Coconut body lotion by Mailelani


My sister Bid went on holiday to Samoa in the summer, and bought home some lovely gifts, including a coconut body lotion. The body lotion was handmade in Samoa, and is from a brand called Mailelani.

As noted on the bottle, Mailelani means from Heaven in Samoa and describes the abundant blessing Polynesians have enjoyed for generations. The body lotion is handmade from organic coconut oil and is infused with frangipani and lau ti. 

I love the packaging of the coconut lotion and the beautiful picture on the front of the bottle. The coconut lotion is really special to use too; the scent of the lotion is gentle and calming, the lotion is easy to rub in, and also feels really light, caring and nourishing for the skin.

If you would like to learn more about Mailelani, please check the links 🌸




Have you ever been to Samoa or used a product from Mailelani before? 

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