Cherry Blossom perfume


I went shopping about a month ago and found a L’Occitane shop, where I looked around for quite a while at the beautiful soaps, body lotions and skin care. There were also quite a lot of perfumes, and I enjoyed reading about the different scents and flavours and trying the different fragrances.

I didn’t have a perfume at home and decided to buy one of the perfumes – the cherry blossom one 🙂 the perfume is called Fleurs de Cerisier, is an eau de toilette, and comes in a beautiful light pink bottle and box with some cherry blossom flower illustrations.

As noted on the box, the delicacy and poetry of blossoming cherry trees is captured in the perfume, which is soft, feminine and contains a cherry extract from Luberon, Provence. The scent of the perfume is really lovely; the scent is light, fresh, soft, feminine and a little bit creamy, and I always feel lovely when I am wearing it.

If you would like to learn more about the Cherry Blossom perfume, or about some of the other fragrances from L’Occitane, please check the links

Have you recently bought a new perfume too, or tried one of the fragrances from L’Occitane?

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