A lovely blog: Kitty Cotten

IMG_1458 (1)

I found a lovely blog today called Kitty Cotten 🙂 Before finding the blog, I found Kitty’s channel on YouTube, where she has a lot of videos about home interiors, vlogs, style (including capsule wardrobes), weddings, travel and beauty, and I enjoyed watching some of her videos about style and capsule wardrobes.

I think Kitty has a beautiful style, which is quite natural, friendly and chic and she is very gentle and kind and her videos are just lovely. I also enjoyed reading some of the posts on her blog about green beauty, capsule wardrobes and interiors, and there are a lot more posts I am hoping to read soon.

As noted on her blog, Kitty lives in Minnesota and is interested in minimalism, capsule wardrobes and living quite a conscious lifestyle. She also shares posts about her travels, style, vegan lifestyle, green beauty favourites and her home renovation process, and I am looking forward to reading her posts about all of the different subjects.

If you would like to learn more about Kitty and read her blog Kitty Cotten, watch her YouTube channel, or follow her on Instagram or Pinterest, please check the links ❤️

Have you recently found a blog or YouTube channel you loved too?

Photo credit: found on Kitty’s blog, kittycotten.com

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