Organic skincare by Kora Organics


A couple of days ago a special delivery box came with some beautiful organic skincare products from Kora Organics, by Miranda Kerr. I had always hoped to try some of the Kora Organics products, and this was the first time I bought them to try.

The Kora Organics products I tried include the gentle cleanser, calming lavender mist and the soothing moisturiser, as part of the Daily Ritual Kit for sensitive skin. All of the products have a beautiful scent, are very gentle and nourishing, and feel so lovely and luxurious to use.

I also tried the noni glow face oil, luxurious rosehip oil and the daily hand cream. Both of the face oils are so beautiful to use, and are filled with lots of special ingredients to help to soften and nourish the skin. I use the oils on my face, neck and chest area in the morning and at night, and the scents are really calming. The hand cream is also lovely to use, and has a beautiful fragrance.

If you would like to learn more about Kora Organics on their website, or to follow them on Facebook or Instagram, please check the links 🌸

Have you tried organic skincare products or any of the Kora Organics products before?

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