INFPs, one of 16 types


INFPs are one of 16 myers-briggs personality types, and I am an INFP. The four letters in INFP stand for introversion (I), intuition (N), feeling (F) and perception (P) and describe four preferences which are most natural, and feel most comfortable to use, to help to understand and navigate the world. I first took the myers-briggs test when I was 16 and I came up as being an INFP 🕊


As noted on 16personalities, INFPs are true idealists who are always looking for ways to make things better, and although they may be understood as being calm, reserved and possibly shy, INFPs have an inner passion which can truly shine through. Because only 4% of the population are INFPs, there is quite a high risk for INFPs to feel misunderstood, although when they find like-minded friends they can be close to, they will feel a fountain of happiness and inspiration.

INFP strengths

As noted on, some of the strengths of INFPs  include being idealistic (INFPs are often optimistic and hold a belief about all people being inherently good, just perhaps misunderstood), seeking and valuing harmony (INFPs often value a democratic approach and try to ensure all voices are heard), open minded and flexible (INFPs will often give others the benefit of the doubt) and creative (INFPs can combine their intuition with their open-mindedness to help them to see things from a different perspective).

INFP weaknesses 

As noted on, some of the weaknesses of INFPs could include being too idealistic (an INFP could take their natural quality of idealism a bit too far and could feel disappointed), too altruistic (INFPs could forget to take care of the needs of other people in their life, including themselves) impractical (INFPs can forget practical day to day matters if something captures their imagination) and difficult to get to know (INFPs are often self conscious and quite reserved).


As noted on, few of the personality types are as poetic and kind-hearted as INFPs. Because INFPs often care about altruism and have a strong imagination, they can overcome challenges and often help the lives of people around them. INFPs’ creative ability is also often invaluable in many areas of their life. Because INFPs can often be tripped up in areas where idealism and altruism can become a liability, INFPs need to consciously try to strengthen their less well-developed traits and additional skills.

If you would like to learn more about INFPs, you could check the 16 personalities webpage, the personality page webpage or Sarah’s blog INFP Insights, a blog about INFPs and helping to empower INFPs and all types (please check the links) 🌸

Are you an INFP too, or a different kind of myers-briggs personality type?


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