Caring deodorant from the Body Shop


I recently bought a caring roll-on deodorant from the Body Shop in Aloe, and just finished using the deodorant. I had been looking for a natural, quite gentle deodorant which was still effective as I often do yoga and go for quite long walks with our puppy, and the caring deodorant in Aloe was so beautiful and felt so lovely to use.

The packaging of the deodorant is quite simple and natural looking with a light green bottle and white lid, and comes in a 50 ml bottle. The deodorant is noted as being formulated for sensitive skin, as the deodorant is formulated without fragrance, colourant or alcohol and has pure, hand-filleted aloe from Campeche in Mexico.

I really enjoyed using the caring deodorant in Aloe because of the careful formulation, and gentleness on the skin. The scent of the deodorant is very light, neutral and gentle and the formulation absorbs quite quickly, and lasts really well throughout the day. I used the deodorant both in the morning and in the evening too, just after showering.

If you would like to find out more about the Body Shop or the caring deodorant in Aloe, please check the links πŸ•Š

Do you enjoy using products from the Body Shop too or have you tried quite a natural deodorant before?


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