Keeping warm in the autumn


As the autumn has come in New Zealand (where I am from) and the leaves on the trees have started to change colour turning light brown and to gently fall, the temperatures are also a bit cooler and there are often frosts in the morning. Here are a couple of ways to help to stay a bit warmer in the cooler autumn weather ✨

A warm coat

Wearing a warm coat is helpful for keeping warm when the weather is a bit cooler, especially if the coat is made from wool, cashmere or another warm material. The coat in the photo is a light honey colour coat, and I enjoy bundling up and wearing the coat a lot, including over a cotton or warmer jumper underneath.

A scarf and gloves

A warm scarf or a cotton scarf also helps a lot for keeping warm in the autumn, and can help to protect your neck if the weather is quite windy. Pashmina scarves are so beautiful and warm and are often quite a generous size, and easy to wrap around or wear loose over a jumper or coat. A pair of gloves or mittens are also so nice to wear to help to keep you hands warm.


A pair of boots are also helpful for keeping warm in cooler weather, especially waterproof ones in case it rains during the day. My favourite pair of boots are an ankle boot pair I bought a couple of years ago, although long boots are also so beautiful and helpful to wear if it is raining quite a lot outside. You could also wear a woollen pair of socks with the boots to help to add another warm layer.

Warm drinks

Drinking warm drinks are also so nice to help to keep warm. I often make a lot of warm drinks including lemon and honey drinks (please check the link for a recipe), camomile, green and english breakfast teas, coffee and warm milos and hot chocolates with almond milk and marshmallows. If you are trying not to drink too much caffeine, a lemon and honey drink, a camomile tea or another kind of herbal tea could be gentle and calming.

Is it the autumn from where you are from too? Do you have a favourite warm coat, scarf, pair of gloves or pair of boots you love to wear in cooler weather?

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