Jane Birkin inspiration


Jane Birkin is an English and French actress, singer, songwriter and model who is noted as being one of the most sought-after actresses and singers of the 1960’s. Further, Jane Birkin is noted to be fashion’s number one influencer 60 years after the height of her career, and the most coveted bag in the world, the Hermès Birkin bag, is named after her.

Jane Birkin has a beautiful style and is a big inspiration for her filmography, catalogue of songs, kind heart and her easy, effortless, natural and beautiful style. I think a lot of women and girls continue to look up to Jane for the films and songs she shared, her qualities and the natural and kind aesthetic she embodies so gently and effortlessly.

Here are a couple of both day and night outfits I thought of, inspired by Jane Birkin 🌸

Day outfit one

Blue girlfriend jeans, a white t shirt, a basket bag and espadrille sandals

The first day outfit I thought of includes blue jeans (girlfriend jeans with a high waist are a nice shape, or any kind of blue jeans would be lovely), a plain white t shirt, a natural basket bag (could be any shape or size) and espadrille sandals. I chose the blue jeans, white t shirt, basket bag and espadrille sandals because Jane often had quite a casual and effortless style in the daytime, and was often carrying a natural basket bag with her.

Day outfit two

A cotton dress with embroidery, leather belt, a basket bag and light brown sandals

The second day outfit I thought of includes a cotton dress with embroidery (could be white, cream, light brown or a natural colour), a leather belt (to wear around the waist to help to shape the dress), a natural basket bag and light brown sandals (flat sandals or sandals with a wooden mid heel would be so beautiful). I chose the cotton embroidered dress, basket bag and light brown sandals because Jane often wore quite light, natural fabrics and colours in the daytime and always looked so feminine and natural.

Evening outfit 

A white crochet dress, black sandals, jewellery and a basket bag

The evening outfit I thought of includes a white crochet dress (could be a short, medium or long length dress), black sandals (could be a day time sandal with a mid heel or a mary jane sandal), jewellery and a natural basket bag. I chose the white crochet dress, black sandals and jewellery because Jane wore pretty white crochet tops and dresses, and black mary jane sandals quite a lot in the daytime and evening. I also chose jewellery because Jane also often wore jewellery, including a long necklace.

To find out more about Jane Birkin, you could find her filmography, songs, life and modelling photos, and quite a lot of interviews with her online 🌸 you could also check Carla BruniLouise Follain, Jeanne Damas and Rouje, a Parisian clothing brand founded by Jeanne Damas and inspired by Parisian basics on Instagram, who are French (and Italian) and also embody a beautiful natural and feminine style, similar to the style of Jane Birkin.


Do you love Jane Birkin too, or is there another kind of style you are inspired by?




An interview with Jane Birkin, papermag.com


Photo credit: found on Google.com


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