Neutrogena naturals face cleanser


I have been using the purifying face cleanser by Neutrogena naturals for a couple of years now and the cleanser is the one I use most often, both in the morning and evening. The purifying face cleanser is gentle and reliable, helps to gently remove make up and cleanse the skin, and could hopefully be found at your local shop or supermarket πŸƒ

The purifying face cleanser comes in quite a generous bottle, has a clear formulation and a gentle, fresh scent. The cleanser is calming to use on the skin, and I often use the cleanser with warm water and a flannel on my face, neck and chest area, and also use a soft towel, to help to soften and pat the skin dry after cleansing.

As noted on the bottle of the purifying face cleanser, the face wash is made with 90% naturally derived ingredients, including bionutrients from Willowbark. Further, the cleanser helps to detoxify pores and gently removes impurities and improves complexion for fresh and clear skin. The cleanser is all noted to not include any harsh chemicals, and to be made from a dermatologist recommended brand.

Do you enjoy using a natural cleanser, or a cleanser from Neutrogena too? 🌸




Neutrogena website, natural’s facial cleanser


Photo credit: Neutrogena website, natural’s facial cleanser

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