Earth to earth book


“My inspiration comes form being immersed in and learning from the natural world,” a quote by Martin Hill

I bought a copy of a book called Earth to earth from a bookshop a couple of years ago and the book has a beautiful cover with a photograph of a sculpture, which is noted to be made from pumice stones and to be positioned in a calm pond. The reflection of the sculpture helps to create a circle shape, and the book has a lot of photographs of circle shape sculptures made from natural materials and photographed in nature.

The sculptures and book were made and written by Martin Hill, who is noted to be an environmental artist and photographer. The author notes how he is inspired by the natural beauty of the circle of life and how he uses his art and sculptures as a forum to help to promote ecological sustainability, because of his concern for the linear design of contemporary society, which is noted to create waste.

As noted in the Earth to earth book, the sculpture photographs were created over thirteen years in a couple of different countries. Further, the Earth to earth book also has a preface written by Sir Edmund Hillary, and includes quotes and a collection of essays by a number of contributors who share their knowledge about the environment and sustainability, and unique vision for a sustainable future.


Is there an artist or environmental artist whose sculptures or work you love too?



Hill, M. (2007). Earth to earth, sculpture inspired by nature’s design. Auckland, New Zealand: Hachette Livre NZ Ltd.


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