An eyeshadow from the Body Shop

I bought a couple of eye shadows from the Body Shop just after my birthday last year with a voucher my Mum kindly gave me for a birthday gift. One of the colours I bought is called India rose quartz (colour number 120) and the colour is a beautiful light pink, champagne colour. I wear the eye shadow almost every day and the eye shadow is light and easy to apply, and helps to add a bit of shimmery colour around the eye area 🌸

As noted by the Body Shop, the eye shadow shades are enriched with Community Trade babassu oil, sesame oil and marula oil. The babassu oil is noted to be made from the tropical forest of Maranhão, Brazil, where women gather and prepare the babassu nuts by hand to be used in the Community Trade babassu oil. The eye shadows are also noted to be 100% vegan and suitable for sensitive eyes.

I often apply the eye shadow just with my fingertips all over the eye lid and up to just underneath my eye brows. I usually just apply the eye shadow once, although you could apply a couple of coats of the eye shadow in the daytime or evening for a more shimmery colour. As noted by the Body Shop, the eye shadows can be used dry for easy blending or you could also add water for a more vibrant colour.

Have you tried an eye shadow from the Body Shop too?



The Body Shop website, India Rose Quartz eye shadow


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