Gold necklace from GLDN


A couple of months ago in December I bought a delicate gold coin necklace from a beautiful jewelry company called GLDN, who are based in a studio in Washington. The necklace I bought is called the vollmond necklace, and has a smooth coin with a delicate gold chain. I love the necklace so much and all of the jewelry pieces from GLDN come in a carefully packaged box with a kind note from the maker of the jewelry piece, a polish cloth and details for care.

GLDN note how handmade jewelry is always more special, especially when made to order, and with customisation options for length, gemstones, letter styles and personalisation, you can end up with a timeless piece, perfect for you.

GLDN also note how for each design, as for the GLDN brand as a whole, GLDN considers how the design will affect everything it touches and believe GLDN should always leave a positive impact. Further, GLDN value integrity for how each product is made and how the business is run, and are thoughtful about all of the details of what GLDN does. GLDN also note how a focus on experience and honouring a commitment to quality design, ethical practices and conscious production are threaded into all aspects of GLDN’s business and process. Further, a GLDN piece can be worn with pride as it has a beautiful soul.

In case you would like to find out more about the vollmond necklace, about GLDN or to browse some of the beautiful jewelry pieces by GLDN, the website for GLDN is and the beautiful Instagram page for GLDN is @itsgldn (please check the links) 🌸

Is there a jewelry company you love so much too?




GLDN website,


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GLDN website,


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