KORA Organics rose quartz luminizer


I just bought a rose quartz luminizer from KORA Organics, a kind natural and organic skin care brand based in Australia, a couple of days ago. The parcel with the rose quartz luminizer came this afternoon and the rose quartz luminizer is so beautiful and feels so lovely to use 🕊 the rose quartz luminizer comes in a carefully packaged white box, and is in a beautiful circle shape glass holder with a rose gold lid.

As noted on the white box, the rose quartz luminizer is an organic highlighter with a soft pink rose quartz hue, which helps to provide hydration and a luminous glow. The rose quartz luminizer is noted to contain certified organic noni extract and coconut oil for nourishing your skin and rose quartz powder to help to enhance your natural radiance.

‘I apply this luminizer on my cheeks, temples and brow bones as part of my beauty routine or on the go whenever I need an extra glow’ by Miranda Kerr

The rose quartz luminizer has a light and neutral scent, is a beautiful soft pink hue and has a creamy formulation which is soft and easy to apply to the skin. I applied the rose quartz luminizer on my cheeks and brow bones (as suggested by Miranda Kerr, founder of KORA Organics) and the colour of the rose quartz luminizer is gentle yet effective in helping to hydrate the skin and to give the skin a luminous glow 🌸

As noted on the white box, KORA Organics products are energised with rose quartz, a crystal believed to carry a soothing energy to encourage love and acceptance of ourselves and of others. Further, by energising products with rose quartz, KORA Organics note how the vibration of love is infused into KORA Organics and onto you.

The rose quartz luminizer feels nourishing, soothing and so soft and beautiful to use and I would recommend the rose quartz luminizer in case you love rose quartz, or are looking for a natural and organic soft pink highlighter.

Do you love KORA Organics products too, or is there another kind of natural or organic highlighter you love to use too?



KORA Organics rose quartz luminizer box


Photo credit

Photo one, KORA Organics’ Instagram page, @koraorganics

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