A second song playlist


Here is a second song playlist of songs I love and have been listening to quite a lot recently. There are a couple of songs on the playlist by Izzy Bizu, an English singer and songwriter from London, England. Izzy Bizu is one of my favourite singers and artists and her songs are so lovely, natural and uplifting, with pretty lyrics. There are also a couple of songs by Carla Bruni and Brigitte Bardot, inspired by my friend Alanna (@mycelluloidscenes_) who recommended a couple of songs by French singers to listen to (thank you Alanna) 🕊🌸

A second song playlist 

  • White tiger, by Izzy Bizu
  • Earth song, by Michael Jackson
  • Le ciel dans une chambre, by Carla Bruni
  • Nature, by the Fourmyula (a kiwi band)
  • Diamond, by Izzy Bizu
  • La madrague, by Brigitte Bardot
  • La noyée, by Carla Bruni
  • Le temps de l’amour, by Francoise Hardy
  • Mad behaviour, by Izzy Bizu
  • Tu es venu mon amour, by Brigitte Bardot
  • La possibilité d’une île, by Carla Bruni


I also made an earlier song playlist for March (please check the link in case you would like to see an earlier song playlist post)

In case you would like to find out more about Izzy Bizu or to listen to some more of her music and watch some of the beautiful music videos she has made, you could check her website, soundcloud page, YouTube channel or Instagram page (please check the links) 🌸


Photo credit

Photo of Izzy Bizu, found on google.com

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