An interview with Holly


Here is an interview with beautiful Holly Wright (@albaandi) to share on Litten blog 🌸 Holly is a mum to Alba, and a mum to be to a second baby girl (congratulations Holly 🕊) and has a beautiful Instagram page called @albaandi, where she shares lots of beauty, fashion and life posts about her favourite beauty care products, books and fragrances, lovely shoe, accessories, wardrobe and ootd posts and family posts of outings with her family and her beautiful girl, Alba. Holly has a beautiful eye for clothing, style and detail, takes lots of lovely photos and writes blog posts too on her blog Alba and I. She is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

Here are a couple of questions I thought of to ask Holly, and her answers

1) Your Instagram page (@albaandi) is so beautiful with lots of lovely photos of flowers and beauty care products, are there any (general) beauty care tips you could share with someone who is hoping to feel more feminine?

Holly: Thank you so much! Yes I think fresh flowers in your office or bathroom definitely help to make you feel more feminine and they don’t have to be expensive either, I often just pick up some when I do the weekly shop at the supermarket. A beautiful body lotion and perfume will also make you feel super feminine, you also can’t underestimate the power of beautiful nude lipstick, a sure way to make you look and feel so more confident! 

2) You and Alba also have a beautiful wardrobe and clothing style, are there any (general) styling tips you could share with someone who is hoping to feel more feminine and chic?

Holly: Thank you so much! I think just investing in pieces you really love and that make you happy is a good start. Good quality pieces will always give you so much more joy than cheaper ones as the fabrics feel so lovely to wear against the skin and they truly do last so much longer. A beautiful silk blouse or silk scarf will always help to create a beautiful feminine look which never dates. Also a good pair of well fitting, dark denim jeans will do wonders for your confidence.  


3) Do you have a favourite (or a couple of favourite) natural beauty or skin care product(s) you always love to use?

Holly: Yes absolutely! I cannot live without sunscreen! I love the whole range from Coola NZ as it’s natural and works so well for the whole family! They do the most beautiful Sunblock primer which sits beautifully under makeup and I also swear by their Sunless tan anti-aging serum! It’s amazing! 

4) Are there any beauty, fashion or life books you love to read or feel inspired by and would recommend to others?

Holly: Yes I loved reading How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are – such a light and fun take on the way Parisian women dress, eat and act. Full of lots of really fun tips and tricks to adopt a more effortless approach to beauty and style. Plus it looks so pretty on display in my office!

5) On your Instagram page, you also share lots of photos of you and your beautiful girl Alba, are there a couple of things you and Alba often love to do on a day out together?

Holly: We love to go to a yummy cafe for coffee and treats. The cafe culture is so cool here in Auckland and we are truly spoilt for choice on places to visit. Our favourites are Bluebells Cakery in Kingsland and Bondie Cupcakes in Albany.

6) Is there a quote you love, which always uplifts or inspires you?

Holly: A lot of people don’t know that we go to the church every Sunday, but we are big believers of Christ. My favourite quote/saying that always uplifts me is 

Blessed is the man who trusts in you (God) xx


In case you would like to find out more about Holly and Alba, and to check Holly’s beautiful Instagram page (@albaandi) or blog (Alba and I) where Holly shares lots of lovely photos of beauty care products, fashion, style and ootds, books, photos of her beautiful girl Alba, and blog posts, please check the links 🕊🌸

In case you would like to check some of the products, books or cafes Holly mentions please also check the links (noted in Holly’s answers above)

🌸 thank you so much Holly for sharing a couple of beauty care and clothing and style tips, your favourite natural beauty and skin care products and book, a couple of places you and Alba love to go to and your favourite quote; your answers and tips are so generous and kind and helpful, thank you



Holly’s Instagram page, @albaandi

Holly’s blog, Alba and I


Photo credits

Photos of Holly and Alba, from Holly’s Instagram page, @albaandi


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