An interview with Jade


Here is an interview with beautiful Jade, who has a careful and artistic eye for detail, clothing and style and who has an Instagram page called @coventry_grey_ where she shares lots of soft and feminine clothing and style inspiration, ootds, flat lays and life photos in gentle colours. Jade is a Brand Strategist from Canberra, Australia and also makes beautiful cashmere scarves for her clothing brand called Coventry Grey ๐Ÿ•Š๐ŸŒธ

Here are a couple of questions I thought of to ask Jade, and her answers

1) Could you describe a bit about the beautiful cashmere scarves you make for Coventry Grey?

Jade: my cashmere scarves are just the beginning of what will hopefully over time evolve to a carefully created range of cashmere basics. They are made from the highest grade cashmere from Inner Mongolia and are over sized. My philosophy is to aways keep it simple.ย 


2) Your Instagram page is so beautiful and feminine with lots of soft colours, do you have a favourite (or a couple of favourite) colour(s)?

Jade: I adore dusty hues – dusty pinks and of course grey are my favourite.

3) Are there any pieces from your autumn/winter wardrobe which you love and wear often?

Jade: I live in denim jeans and either a pair of Chanel ballet flats or Gucci loafers almost everyday regardless of the season. For Winter I can never go past an oversized knit with janes or comfy pants.ย 

4) Do you have a favourite (or a couple of favourite) book(s)?

Jade: having just finished my Master’s in business I still can’t bring myself to read a book! Seriously, I had to read such a huge amount while studying!! Although my all time favourite books would be ‘memoirs of a geisha’ I am fascinated by geisha! Also, ‘The God of small things.’

5) Are there any safe and classic pieces of clothing you love and would recommend?

Jade: I always invest in shoes and bags, I carefully care for them and keep them in their dust bags and boxes. I have pairs of shoes and bags that I have owned for over 10 years and still look new. I always choose classic styles and happily mix high street purchases with luxury items. My advice is buy the best you can afford!

6) Is there a quote you love, which always uplifts and inspires you?

Jade: my most favourite quote is ‘persistence overcomes resistance’ it resonates with me!ย 


In case you would like to find out more about Jade, her work, the beautiful Coventry Grey cashmere scarves she makes, or to find beautiful clothing and style, ootd and life inspiration with careful and artistic photos and images, Jade’s Instagram page is @coventry_grey_ (please check the link ๐ŸŒธ)

๐Ÿ•Šย thank you so much Jade for sharing a bit about your cashmere scarves, and your ideas, tips and favourite things



Jade’s Instagram page, @coventry_grey_


Photo credits

Jade’s Instagram page, @coventry_grey_


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