A couple of puppy care tips


In early 2017 we got a family labrador puppy called Ruby, and she was chosen by my younger brother Chris, from a farm. We had not had a puppy before and here are a couple of puppy care tips we found to be helpful for looking after Ruby 🕊🌸 she is a kind pup and hopefully the tips could help in case you have a labrador or puppy too, or are hoping to get a puppy soon, or in the future.

Puppy care tips

1. Lots of fresh water and healthy puppy food

We have quite a big water bowl in the kitchen and try to keep it topped up with fresh water during the day as Ruby loves to run around in the garden and go for long walks and runs, and often needs quite a lot of water to drink. We also have a healthy puppy food (biscuits) we buy from the local pet shop and vet, which has lots of healthy nutrients and Ruby loves to eat.

2. Lots of fresh air and exercise 

Because Ruby is quite a large breed of dog and is quite strong and has a lot of energy, we walk her every day (and try to walk her a couple of times a day if we can). Sometimes we take her just on the lead around the suburbs close by to home, or go in the car to the beach or on a bush walk, where Ruby can run off lead and meet other pups and has a lot of fresh air.

To help with walking her on the lead, we bought a harness from the local pet shop (to help her to walk a bit gentler, alongside) and you can clip the lead onto the harness. I often take treats on the walk too to help in case she is pulling a bit. In case she is pulling, I often try to walk Ruby gently around in a circle, and ask her to sit (and give her a treat) and then keep going. In case your dog is pulling, if you be patient as much as you can it could help 🌸

3. Playing, love and puppy friends

If your pup has quite a lot of energy you could try playing with her as much as you can (we bought a rubber ball for Ruby and she loves to play fetch in the garden with the ball, and to chew the ball a lot). Ruby also loves cuddles, to be brushed with a brush we bought from the local pet shop, and to play with other puppies and dogs when we go out for walks or when she goes to a local puppy day care (about once a week).

4. Puppy school and clear commands

We took Ruby to puppy school when she was just a couple of months old to help to train her to sit, come, lay down and heel. In case there is a puppy school close by to where you are from, it could be helpful to help to train your pup and to help your pup to feel comfortable and calm around other puppies, dogs and people. Clear commands are also helpful; it’s ok to practice giving clear commands when you are at home or on an outing with your pup, to help your pup or in case your pup is in trouble.

5. A comfortable bed and crate

We bought a crate for Ruby when she was a pup to help to toilet train her, and the crate is where she sleeps in the night (and sometimes during the day). In the crate there is a bed with a sheepskin and a blanket to help to make a comfortable place for her and the crate is also a safe place she can go to when she would like to. The crate is in the kitchen just by the french doors, to help to be close to the garden in case she needs to go outside.

Do you have a puppy too, or are you hoping to be able to have a puppy soon?


Please note: in case you need some extra help with your puppy or if your puppy is sick you could check with a professional puppy trainer, a vet or a vet nurse who is hopefully close by to where you are from and can offer professional help or care.

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