A couple of sleep care tips

Here are a couple of care tips for a comfortable and peaceful sleep 🕊🌸 I used to wake up in the night a lot, or take a while before falling asleep and hope the sleep care tips could be helpful in case you are hoping to have a peaceful sleep. A couple of the tips include taking a warm bath or shower in the evening if you can, reading a book, watching a nice movie or listening to music you enjoy, making a gentle cup of tea, herbal tea or hot chocolate, using lavender oil or essential oils and remembering a kind affirmation or a couple of things which you feel grateful for.

A couple of sleep care tips

A warm bath or shower

I often take a warm bath or shower in the evening, which helps me to feel warm, comfortable and relaxed before going to bed. In case you enjoy baths, you could add bath salts and an essential oil, a bath bomb, bubble bath or natural soap you enjoy with a gentle scent to help you to feel calm. Taking a warm shower with lovely natural soaps, body wash or hair care products you love and enjoy also feels gentle and relaxing before going to bed.

Books, movies and music 

You could also try to read a chapter book or non fiction book you are enjoying, watch a nice movie or listen to peaceful music before going to bed or a couple of hours before bed in case you would like to. I sometimes read a chapter book for a bit and the reading helps my eyes to feel sleepy, before bed. Listening to music is also nice or you could also listen to an audiobook, a podcast or a calming app (including a meditation app).

A cup of tea or hot chocolate

I also often make a cup of tea or a couple of cups before going to bed, to drink with a movie or while reading a chapter book. I love drinking herbal teas (including red bush, peppermint and camomile tea) and often make a fresh herbal tea or a weak black tea with almond milk, warm milo drinks with almond milk, or a hot chocolate. In case I have a cold in the autumn or winter, I also often make a warm lemon and honey drink with fresh ginger to help to get better.

Calming essential oils

Using calming essential oils, including lavender oil, is also helpful for feeling calm and relaxed before going to bed. I often use pure lavender essential oil on my pulse points or add a couple of drops to my pillowcase before bed. I also have a calming sleep oil with camomile, lavender and sweet almond oil from the Aromatherapy Company (made in New Zealand), and often use the calming sleep oil on my pulse points too. The scent of the oil is very gentle, calming and peaceful and feels soft on the skin.

Kind affirmations and feeling grateful

Another sleep care tip before bed is reading or remembering a kind, positive affirmation, or thinking of one thing or a couple of things you feel happy about and grateful for. I just recently bought the treasure yourself affirmation cards by Miranda Kerr, which include about 64 cards with Miranda’s favourite positive affirmations. I often shuffle the cards and choose one to read and to focus on in the morning or just before bed, to help to build confidence and to feel assured. You could also find a quote online or in a book you love, and focus on the kind affirmation too.

In a movie on her YouTube channel, Steffy White, a kind and qualified international yoga teacher, also noted how it could be helpful to think about a couple of things you feel grateful for just before bed, to help you to have a restful sleep and to wake up feeling calm and positive too for the next day. I often try to think about a couple of things I feel grateful for (could include simple things including a cup of tea, a hug from a friend, or a kind word) just before going to bed and in the morning just as I wake up too.

Are there a couple of other sleep care tips you have?

Please note: I also wrote an earlier blog post sharing a couple of favourite movies, a song playlist for March and a second song playlist, a lemon and honey drink recipe, a hot chocolate recipe by Deliciously Ella and about lavender oil and the treasure yourself affirmation cards by Miranda Kerr in case you would like to read a couple more posts about a couple of the things noted in the sleep care tips (please check the links) 🕊🌸


Steffy White’s YouTube Channel, Steffy White

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