Very gentle restoring oil by Trilogy


I bought a very gentle restoring oil from Trilogy Products, a lovely natural and eco friendly skin care brand who are based in New Zealand (where I am from), a couple of days ago. The parcel with the face oil just came today, and also included a couple of beautiful skin care samples from Trilogy Products (a blog post coming soon) and a soft red lipstick from Karen Murrell lipsticks, as a gift with the order. Karen Murrell are a lovely natural lipstick brand with a lot of colourful pink, red and coral lipstick shades, who are also based in New Zealand (thank you Karen Murrell) 🕊🌸

I often use coconut oil on my face, neck and chest area in the morning and at night just after cleansing my skin, although I was hoping to try the very gentle restoring oil from Trilogy Products too. The very gentle restoring oil comes in gorgeous packaging; the pink and white box was carefully wrapped in tissue paper and the oil comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a drop applicator. The face oil has a light, gentle and neutral scent, is a beautiful light golden colour and glides onto the skin softly, absorbs gently and feels so soft and nourishing on the skin.

As noted on the pink and white box, the face oil has been dermatologically tested, and is suitable for sensitive skin. The face oil is noted to help to repair and protect sensitive skin, and to be a delicate, fragrance free blend of pure plant oils, helping to gently nourish and protect sensitive skin, while also helping to visibly smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A couple of the natural plant oils the face oil is noted to be made with include apricot oil, sweet almond oil, maqui berry seed oil and sea buckthorn oil and the very gentle restoring face oil is also certified organic by BioGro (NZ) and is made with recyclable packaging.

How to use: Gently massage 2 to 3 drops into your face, neck and décolletage after cleansing, then moisturise as required. Use daily or as required. Do not use on broken skin.

Have you tried a natural skin care product from Trilogy Products before?


Photo credit

Trilogy Products UK Instagram page, @trilogyproductsuk



Trilogy Products very gentle restoring oil box


Please note: I also wrote an earlier blog post about the KORA Organics noni glow face oil, organic coconut oil and lavender oil in case you would also like to read a couple more blog posts about face oils and beauty care tips for using natural plant oils (please check the links)

Disclaimer: please note the blog post is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Trilogy Products or Karen Murrell lipsticks, I just appreciate and enjoy using the very gentle restoring oil product noted above and tried to be as honest and objective as possible and hope noting the brands could be helpful 🕊🌸




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