A couple of samples from L’Occitane

I bought a Cherry Blossom fragrance from L’Occitane en Provence in 2017, and was kindly gifted a couple of natural skin care samples from L’Occitane to try. The natural skin care products are included in the samples include the Amande concentre de lait (milk concentrate) and the Creme ultra riche (ultra rich cream) and the samples are generous and in a beautiful packet with illustrations. I had not tried the natural skin care products before, and enjoy and appreciate using the samples a lot 🕊🌸 L’Occitane is a lovely natural beauty, skin care and body care brand with products made in France, and I am hoping to try a couple more products from L’Occitane soon to include in a couple more blog posts 🌸

Amande concentre de lait

One of the natural skin care products included in a sample was the Amande concentre de lait (milk concentrate) au lait d’amande (with almond milk). As noted on the pack of the sample, the body cream is formulated with powerful almond extracts and melts gently into the skin to help the body to look visibly firmer and smoother. The almond body cream is a light, white cream, with a beautiful clean, fresh scent with a strong almond fragrance. The almond body cream feels so soft and gentle on the skin, and absorbs quickly and gently, helping the skin to feel smooth and nourished.

Directions: apply every morning and evening on the whole body, massaging into the skin, with upward circular motions. 

Creme ultra riche

The second natural skin care product included in the samples was the Creme ultra riche (ultra rich body cream) with 25% beurre de karite (shea butter). As noted on the pack of the sample, the exceptionally concentrated shea butter (25%) in moisturising extracts in the cream helps to nourish, protect and hydrate the skin for up to 72 hours. The creme ultra riche is a white and luxurious cream, which is quite thick and feels cooling and nourishing on the skin. The creme ultra riche has a beautiful warm, nurturing and delicate scent, and helps the skin to feel so soft, nourished and moisturised.

Have you tried a natural beauty, skin care or body care product from L’Occitane before?



L’Occitane sample packs for the Amande concentre de lait and Creme ultra riche

Please note: I also wrote an earlier blog post about the Cherry Blossom perfume by L’Occitane in case you would also like to read a blog post about another natural beauty care product by L’Occitane en Provence (please check the link)

Disclaimer: please note the blog post is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with L’Occitane en Provence, I just appreciated and enjoyed using the natural skin care samples noted above and tried to be as honest and objective as possible and hope noting the brand could be helpful 🕊🌸


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