A natural conditioner by Earthwise

I have been using a natural hair conditioner by Earthwise, a natural and eco friendly brand who are based in New Zealand, and who make gentle and natural body care and cleaning products. The conditioner is called the Nourish Revitalise natural Conditioner and comes in a white package, and I enjoy using the conditioner a lot. I have also tried a couple more of the shampoos, conditioners and soaps by Earthwise too, and we often buy Earthwise cleaning products to use at home as they are gentle, natural and safe, and help to care for the environment 🕊🌸

The Nourish Revitalise natural Conditioner has a thick, creamy and white formulation, and a light, fresh and clean scent. I use the conditioner after shampooing, and leave it on for a couple of minutes before rinsing. The conditioner helps my hair to feel so soft and nourished and to look healthy and shiny. Earthwise notes how the conditoner is lovingly made in New Zealand, with essential oils and natural botanicals. Further, the conditoner helps to replenish your hair by deeply conditioning with a nourishing blend of both coconut and argan oils. Earthwise also notes how the hydrating blend of the conditioner helps to improve the texture of your hair, leaving it frizz free and shiny.

We’ve come a long way, thanks to all of you in the Earthwise family, but what hasn’t changed is our commitment to caring for your world. We believe that we can all make a difference. In the way that one leaf grows into one tree, which grows into one forest, which makes our one earth, small positive changes can add up to have a significant impact.

(a quote by Earthwise)

In case you would like to find out more about Earthwise and the beautiful natural and eco friendly body care and home cleaning products they make, the website for Earthwise is earthwise.co.nz and their Instagram page is @earthwisehq.

Have you tried a natural body care or cleaning product by Earthwise before too?


Earthwise website, earthwise.co.nz

Please note: I also wrote an earlier blog post about the Very Gentle Restoring Oil by Trilogy and a couple of samples from Trilogy in case you would also like to read a couple more blog posts about natural beauty care products from Trilogy Products, another natural and eco friendly brand who are based in New Zealand (please check the links)

Disclaimer: please note the blog post is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Earthwise, I just appreciate and enjoy using the Nourish Revitalise natural Conditioner product noted above and tried to be as honest and objective as possible, and hope noting the brand could be helpful 🕊🌸

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