About rose quartz


I was kindly gifted a rose quartz crystal and a rose quartz bracelet as a part of a gift pack for the launch of the KORA Organics noni radiant eye oil earlier in the year. KORA Organics are a beautiful natural and organic beauty and skin care brand who are based in Australia, and all of the natural beauty and skin care products by KORA Organics are so lovely and feel so nurturing and calming to use. I had a smaller rose quartz crystal I had bought when I was little although I didn’t know a lot about rose quartz and the kind and healing properties rose quartz crystals are believed to carry 🕊🌸 a lot of the KORA Organics beauty care products include rose quartz crystals as a part of the product and all of the skin care formulas are noted to be made with rose quartz crystals.

About rose quartz

Infusing the vibration of self love

KORA Organics note how they created a unique infusion process into all of the skin care formulas they make, as all of the products are filtered through rose quartz crystals. Further, rose quartz is described as being a soft pink gemstone, which is believed to carry a very gentle and soothing energy, to help to encourage self love, self esteem and forgiveness. Rose quartz crystals are also believed to carry vibrations, which can help to heal and protect the heart, and the Egyptians were known to use rose quartz to help to clear the complexion and to prevent wrinkles.

KORA Organics also note how during the compounding process of KORA Organics skin care products, the whole formula is touched upon by rose quartz crystals. Further, by including rose quartz as a key ingredient in KORA Organics skin care products, KORA Organics note how they hope to infuse a vibration of self love onto all of the products and on to you.

A rose quartz meditation

Sometimes I do a meditation with the rose quartz crystal, where I lay down in my bed and gently hold the rose quartz crystal over my heart and think of a positive affirmation or listen to a kind piece of music. The meditation feels very soothing and helps me to feel calm before going to sleep.

A rose quartz face massage

Sometimes I also use the rose quartz crystal to gently massage my face, by holding the rose quartz gently on my skin and moving the rose quartz crystal in circular motions around my face. You could also try a rose quartz face massage with a gentle face oil, including almond oil or the KORA Organics noni glow face oil to help to include the natural skin care and aromatherapy benefits too.

Do you have rose quartz crystals too or a different kind of crystal?


Photo credit

Soft pink rose quartz luminizer found on KORA Organics Instagram page, @koraorganics



KORA Organics website, koraorganics.com


Please note: I also wrote an earlier blog post about organic skincare by KORA Organics, the KORA Organics noni radiant eye oil, the KORA Organics rose quartz luminizer, the KORA Organics noni glow face oil, the KORA Organics balancing rose mist, the KORA Organics cream cleanser, the KORA Organics turmeric face mask and the KORA Organics clay purifying mask in case you would also like to read a couple more blog posts about the beautiful KORA Organics products (please check the links)


Disclaimer: please note, although the rose quartz crystal was kindly gifted by KORA Organics, the blog post is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with KORA Organics, I just appreciate and enjoy using rose quartz and the KORA Organics beauty and skin care products noted above and tried to be as honest and objective as possible, and hope noting a bit about KORA Organics could be helpful 🕊🌸

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