26 favourite things

I just turned 26 on the 28th of August, and thought of creating a blog post to share 26 favourite things, including natural beauty and skin care products, self care ideas and a couple more favourite things I love, appreciate a lot, or often use and I hope noting the favourite things could be uplifting or helpful for you 🕊🌸 it is early spring in New Zealand (where I am from) and the weather is a bit warmer and there are quite a lot of spring blossoms, flowers and daffodils flowering in gardens. Here are a couple of favourite things, including natural beauty and skin care, self care ideas, animals, books and more and please note the favourite things noted are in no particular order 🌸

26 favourite things

1. KORA Organics rose quartz luminizer, a beautiful natural highlighter with a soft pink hue I use almost every day, and apply on my cheeks and just under my eye brows

2. Trilogy Products very gentle restoring oil, a gentle, calming and nourishing face oil made with natural plant oils I use every day both in the morning and in the evening, to help to look after my skin

3. KORA Organics clay purifying mask, a gentle and soothing natural and organic face mask made with lavender and organic noni fruit extract

4. Yoga, I often practice yoga a couple of times a week to help to look after my body and practise calm breathing, and first began going to a yoga class with my friend Emily in 2007

5. Affirmation cards by Miranda Kerr, a pack of pink and white cards with Miranda’s favourite kind and uplifting affirmations, to help you to feel more confident and assured

6. Our pets, we have a cat called Misty and a puppy called Ruby, who is a very friendly and curious labrador puppy, and I take her for a walk almost every day

7. A happy memory, the first time I was looking after my younger sister Bid in my bedroom when she was a baby and she fell asleep on me as I was reading a picture book to her

8. A happy memory, when I completed my last exam (to be able to complete my degree) at University in 2016 and I bought a coffee from our local cafe on the way home

9. Resolution, a song by Matt Corby, an Australian singer and songwriter my sister Bid first played in early 2014 and we both loved listening to the song so much

10. Ceremony, a song by New Order, from the soundtrack to the Marie Antoinette (2006) movie, which sounds so happy and beautiful and as though every thing will be ok

11. Treasure yourself, a book by Miranda Kerr with a light pink cover with flower and butterfly illustrations, to help to uplift and assure young girls and women

12. the Beauty Guide, a book by Dr Libby, to help to offer beauty solutions and wisdom to transform and uplift the way you see and feel about yourself as best you can

13. Sense and Sensibility, a book by Jane Austen about two sisters, Marianne and Elinor with quite different qualities, both moving toward their idea of a perfect love

14. The Princess Diaries, a movie directed by Garry Marshall with Dame Julie Andrews and Anne Hathaway, which could be about being brave enough to be who you truly are

15. Pretty Woman, a movie also directed by Garry Marshall with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, about a couple who face a couple of challenges and fall in love

16. Paris (2008), a movie directed by Cédric Klapisch and starring Romain Duris, Juliette Binoche and Mélanie Laurent, about how life is so beautiful although could also be fragile

17. Our garden at home, one of my favourite places to be, with a lot of camelia trees, kowhai trees, hydrangeas and flowers and with a lot of friendly birds who cheep in the garden in the spring and summer

18. Hahei, a beautiful sandy beach with a lot of Powhutakawa trees in the Coromandel, where we used to go a lot for summer holidays

19. Our Grandparents’ home, a home in Plimmerton with a beautiful big garden and bank with a lot of native trees and flowers, close by to the beach

20. Fresh chicken rice rolls, a vietnamese food made with rice paper, chicken and rice noodles, fresh carrot, fresh herbs, sprouts and a dipping sauce

21. Whittakers milk caramel chocolate, a chocolate made in New Zealand, with a caramel and creamy milk chocolate

22. Camomile tea, a calming and gentle herbal tea I often make during the daytime and just before bed

23. A honey coat from Ashley Fogel, a warm coat from Ashley Fogel in a light honey colour, with a simple shape and a baby pink lining

24. A cream camisole from Country Road, a pretty cream camisole top from Country Road with a v neck and strap detail on the back

25. Girlfriend jeans from Witchery, a pair of light blue denim jeans in a girlfriend shape, with a high waist and rose gold buttons

26. Pearl earrings, a pair of cream and sterling silver pearl earring studs, which are helpful to wear with a lot of different things

Are there any favourite things (natural beauty and skin care, self care ideas, animals, happy memories, songs, books, movies, places, foods, drinks, clothing and jewelry) you love a lot too? 🕊🌸


Disclaimer: please note the blog post is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with the brands or authors noted in the blog post, I just truly enjoy and appreciate the favourite things noted above and tried to be as honest and objective as possible and hope noting the brands could be helpful 🕊🌸


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