Hand and nail care tips


Here are a couple of hand care and nail care tips I often use and I hope the tips could be helpful in case you are hoping to look after your hands and nails. A couple of the care tips include using a nourishing hand cream in the day time or when you feel your hands need some, using coconut oil on your nails and cuticles to help to nourish and moisturise them, giving the nails on your hands and feet a careful trim quite regularly and using a nail polish if you would like to, in a colour you like 🕊🌸 I also noted a couple of nail care tips included in the Beauty Guide book by Dr Libby, including a couple of nutritional and self care tips to help to look after your nail health.

Hand and nail care tips

Hand cream

I often use a hand cream by KORA Organics called the Daily hand cream. As noted on the package, the hand cream is made with a unique and anti ageing blend of noni extract, avocado and olive oil to help to create the perfect rich, healing and replenishing hand cream for hands and nails. Further, the hand cream is noted to be ideal for rehydrating hands and cuticles, and helps to leave them soft, smooth and renewed. The Daily hand cream is very gentle and soft, with a calming scent and in case you do not have a hand cream, you could also try a natural plant oil, including coconut oil, or a body care moisturiser.

Coconut oil

I often use an organic coconut oil on both my face and body just after having a shower, and the coconut oil is very soft, nourishing and absorbs easily. I also sometimes use an organic coconut oil on my hands and nails to help to moisturise my skin and the cuticles on my nails. You could hopefully find coconut oil, or other kinds of plant based oils, including rosehip oil, at your local shop or from an online shop too.

A regular trim

I give the nails on my hands and feet a regular trim just with a pair of nail clippers from our local shop and sometimes use a nail file too. I find it helps to do a regular trim to help to keep the nails on both my hands and feet healthy and clean and looked after.

Nail polish

I sometimes use a nail polish on the nails on my hands and feet too, in case I am going out in the daytime or evening and it would help to wear a nail polish. I have a nail polish at home from Essie in a light pink colour called mademoiselle (colour number 13) and often just paint the nails on my hands and feet with one coat.

The Beauty Guide book 

In the Beauty Guide book by Dr Libby, there are also quite a lot of tips from a nutritional, biochemical and emotional lense, to help to look after and care for the nails on your hands and feet as best you can through nutrition and self care. Dr Libby notes how nousihment is the key to creating strong and healthy nails and although we eat specific foods, we do not always obtain the nutrients from them. Further, Dr Libby describes how a lot of sparkling health comes down to how nutrients are absorbed and utilised by the body and the first step to great quality nails is great digestion. Dr Libby also notes how restorative practices, including restorative yoga or any kind of practice which promotes diaphragmatic breathing, helps to foster the mechanisms which allow for your beauty bits, including your nails, to be supported.

Care tips for nail health by Dr Libby

  • You can look after your cuticles on your nails by rubbing a little coconut oil or face oil on your cuticles in the evening
  • You could incorporate more of the brassica group of vegetables, including broccoli, kale and cauliflower, into your meals if you can
  • You could do one thing a day, which is restorative for you, including yoga or diaphragmatic breathing

Are there any different kinds of care tips you often do to help to look after your hands and nails?



KORA Organics Daily hand cream package

Weaver, Dr L. (2018). The Beauty Guide, your body, biochemistry & beliefs. China: Little Green Frog Publishing Ltd.


Please note: I also wrote an earlier blog post about the Beauty from the Inside Out book by Dr Libby and the Beauty Guide book by Dr Libby in case you would also like to read a couple more blog posts about a couple of books by Dr Libby (please check the links)

Disclaimer: please note the blog post is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with KORA Organics or Dr Libby, although I hope the care tips noted could be helpful; I tried to be as honest and objective as possible, and hope noting a bit about the hand cream and Beauty Guide book by Dr Libby could be helpful 🕊🌸

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    1. thank you 🕊🌸 Dr Libby’s book is helpful for understanding a bit more about how nutritional care can help to support inner and outer beauty and wellbeing 🕊 x

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