INFPs, a second blog post

Here is a second post about INFPs, one of 16 Myers Briggs personality types. I first took the Myers Briggs personality type questionnaire when I was about 16, because my Mum had taken the questionnaire at her work and thought it could be helpful to take, to help to understand a bit more about myself, which kinds of subjects could be helpful to study in high school and possible kinds of careers, which could be helpful and feel most natural and comfortable to do, based on the Myers Briggs personality type 🕊🌸 I came up as being an INFP when I first took the questionnaire and also a couple of times I took the questionnaire again to check in my early 20s. I enjoy learning about INFPs to help to learn and to grow, including how INFPs are unique and how best INFPs can offer and share their unique gifts with the world and to help others 🌸