A Q and a with Isabelle

Here is a Q and a with Isabelle, who is studying law in New Zealand and has a beautiful beauty care, skin care and style blog called In The Glow blog. On her blog, Isabelle notes how In The Glow blog is a beauty blog, which is dedicated to all things skin care, make up and style and on her blog, you can find a mixture of product reviews, beauty advice and various insights into the ever-changing world that is ‘beauty’ 🕊🌸 Isabelle’s blog could be so helpful for any one who is interested in beauty care, skin care or style, as her blog posts are so thoughtful, helpful and kind and all of the photographs are so lovely, uplifting and inspiring. Isabelle also has an Instagram page called In The Glow blog where she shares a lot of beautiful posts with clear and glowing photos of make up, beauty care products, skin care and style.


Here are a couple of questions I thought of to ask Isabelle, and her answers 🌸

1. Could you note a bit about how you created your blog In The Glow blog, where you share lots of ideas and tips about beauty, skin care and style, with beautiful photos?

Isabelle: I knew that I really wanted to create a space where I could write down my thoughts on different beauty products I had tried and share those thoughts with other people – so that’s where the idea to start In The Glow came from!  I thought about starting a blog for about a year and then one day I just down at my computer created one!  It was the same week that Fenty Beauty launched – there was a lot of hype around the foundation, with people wanting to see swatches and find out how it applied.  I had just bought the foundation and thought that I might as well write my own review!  I’m not very computer savvy, but I somehow ended up with a website that I really liked – 100% the hardest part was choosing a blog name!

2. Are there any beauty care or self care tips you could share about how to look after and care for yourself as best you can?

Isabelle: One tip would be to find discover something small that you enjoy and then always put aside some time in your day for it.  For me, the most relaxing part of my whole day is my morning skincare routine and so I always make sure that I leave myself enough time to do that, even when I’m rushing to get out of the house in the morning!  I find it really meditative and my day always get off to a good start.  So even if your life is a bit hectic, try to put aside some time – even just 5 minutes – to do something you love that puts you in a good headspace. 

3. Are there any natural beauty care or skin care products you often use or often repurchase?

Isabelle: RMS Beauty is one of my favourite organic makeup brands!  Their product the ‘Living Luminizer’ is a face highlighter that I use almost every single day.  It gives the most beautiful sheen to the skin and looks extremely natural!  A natural skincare product that I use daily (as the name suggests) is the Hunt Skincare ‘Daily Facial Mist’!  I love this mist so much – actually everything from this brand is amazing. 

4. Could you note a couple of natural beauty care or skin care products you just recently bought to try, or are enjoying a lot at the moment?

Isabelle: Kosas Cosmetics is a clean makeup brand that I’ve been loving lately – I recently purchased their cream blush and highlighter duo and have been using it daily!  The product blends out so beautifully and the colour really lasts all day.  It gets a 10/10 in my books.  Drunk Elephant is a non-toxic skincare brand that I’ve been getting into lately.  I’ve been using a couple of their serums for a while now and last week I started using their whipped moisturiser – I really love the texture so far! 

5. All of the photos on your Instagram page and blog are so lovely, are there any tips you could share about how to photograph beauty and skin care products?

Isabelle: Thank you!!  My biggest tip is to use natural light.  All of my photos are taken in direct sunlight and this definitely makes the biggest difference.  The colours come out crisp and sharp, the photo looks bright and it means that I don’t have to do any editing.  Working with natural light can be a bit difficult during the winter, so I usually take my photos in bulk – when there’s a good bit of sunlight I’ll spend an hour or so shooting all of the photos I want to use for the week!  


6. Is there a quote you love, which always uplifts and inspires you?

Isabelle: One of my favourite quotes is a Roald Dahl one that goes “if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”.  It just reminds me to always act and think kindly!  It’s also a good little reminder that while makeup and skincare products are great fun, it’s your thoughts that really count and make you a beautiful person! 

🌸 thank you so much Isabelle for sharing your kind thoughts, tips, ideas about blogging, self care, natural beauty and skin care, and a couple of your favourite things in the Q and a. Your answers are so kind, thoughful and helpful and also note a couple of beauty care products and brands I had not tried before and could hopefully try soon, thank you 🕊🌸 all of your blog posts and Instagram posts are so beautiful, and thank you so much for sharing your love for beauty care, skin care and style and your kind thoughts and tips.

In case you would like to check Isabelle’s blog In The Glow blog, which has a lot of beautiful and helpful blog posts with lovely and glowing photos, the address for her blog is intheglow.co.nz and her Instagram page is @intheglowblog (please check the links) 


Photo credits

Isabelle’s Instagram page, @intheglowblog



Isabelle’s blog, about, intheglow.co.nz


Please note: I also wrote a couple of earlier blog posts, sharing a couple more interviews with people I know of and look up to a lot, including beautiful Elle, who created an award winning tanning mousse, Danijela, a kind and qualified nutritionist, Ella, the founder and creative director of Deliciously EllaHolly, a kind mum with a lovely beauty and life blog, Jade, who makes beautiful cashmere scarves and Rael, a beautiful model from NZ in case you would also like to read a couple more blog posts sharing a couple more interviews (please check the links) 🌸

Disclaimer: please note the blog post is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with the brands Isabelle notes and recommends in the Q and a above, although hopefully noting the brands could be helpful in case you are hoping to try a new beauty care or skin care brand or product 🕊🌸

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