Care tips for INFPs

Here is a post to share a couple of care tips for INFPs, noted to be one of 16 Myers Briggs personality types. The four letters in the word INFP stand for introversion (I), iNtuition (N), feeling (F) and perception (P) and help to describe four preferences, which are most natural, and feel most comfortable to use, to help to understand and navigate the world 🕊 I am an INFP and the care tips noted include a couple of self care and care tips I hope could be helpful in case you are an INFP too, are quite introverted, or enjoy self care and are hoping to look after yourself as much as possible 🕊🌸 a couple of the care tips noted include nature and animals, books and inspiration, yoga, being as organised as possible, bath and body care and hydration and healthy foods.


As noted on 16personalities, INFP personality types are true idealists who are always looking for ways to make things better and although INFPs may be seen by others as being calm, reserved and possibly shy, INFPs have an inner passion which can truly shine through. Because only 4% of the population are noted to be INFPs, there is quite a high risk for INFPs to feel misunderstood, although, when INFPs are able to find like minded friends they feel comfortable with and can be close to, they will feel a fountain of happiness and inspiration.

A couple of care tips for INFPs

Nature and animals

INFPs often love nature and animals, and being outside as much as possible and being close by to the natural world and animals could be helpful in case you are an INFP too. I enjoy looking at all of the different shapes and colours in nature a lot; the different colours of green and shapes of leafs in the garden in the spring, the way the sky changes in different colours of blue and how the clouds are light, soft gold and light pink as the sun is going down, and the way the sunlight dances and twinkles on the ocean, of different colours of blue. Sometimes practicing careful breathing outside in nature can also be helpful,  to help to feel calm and connected to nature and the natural world.

Books and inspiration

Reading books a lot and looking for inspiration from the outside world often, including by listening to music, watching movies, going to libraries and art galleries (if you can) and doing more comfy kinds of things you enjoy a lot can be helpful for INFPs. INFPs are often quite creative and artistic, love to learn and find new ways of doing things and find more patterns by using their Ne (extraverted iNtuition) (please see INFPs, a second blog post) and often feel inspired by learning about others’ ideas, art and creativity. Learning a new language or studying a course or a degree at university could also be inspiring for INFPs, and help an INFP to learn and to grow more.


I often practice yoga (I often do a quite simple, beginners kind of yoga) and find it helps a lot for stretching and looking after my body, keeping a good posture and feeling calm, kind and positive. I hope yoga could be helpful for you in case you are an INFP too or a different kind of Myers Briggs personality type, and the careful breathing in yoga can also be helpful for keeping calm, and feeling grounded and centred, so you can do more and give back to others as much as possible. You could check yoga videos on YouTube, yoga DVDs or hopefully find a yoga class close by to where you are from in case you are hoping to try yoga or to practice yoga a bit more.

Being as organised as possible

Although INFPs are a perceiving (P) personality type, where they often feel more comfortable being as open about choices as possible, it could help to keep as organised as possible, to help to feel more balanced and to look after yourself. Although INFPs can be quite a dreamy personality type, INFPs are often quite sensible and can be grounded too, and if they are doing something to help a friend, find a project they love or take a course in something they enjoy a lot, an INFP can often be very careful and organised and will do the best possible job they can and try not to let anyone down. It could also help to keep a notebook or journal close by to help to remember notes and appointments too.

Bath and body care

Finding beauty care, bath and body care products you enjoy a lot and help you to feel calm and looked after can also be helpful for INFPs. I sometimes have a bath with lavender oil and epsom salts and you could also add bubble bath, a bath bomb or use a natural soap or body care product you enjoy a lot too. Being careful about skin care can also be helpful and finding make up and self care products you enjoy a lot can be fun too 🌸 in case you are male INFP, it could be helpful to find male body care products you enjoy a lot, including a body lotion, hair care product or cologne you love the scent of and helps you to feel looked after.

Hydration and healthy foods

Drinking a lot of fresh water, teas or other kinds of hydrating drinks and eating as many healthy foods as possible, including fresh fruits, veggies, grains and more, could be helpful too in case you are an INFP. Sometimes I feel anxious or worried in case I am quite busy, or if there are quite a lot of things I need to do, and being as careful as possible to find and prepare plant based foods or healthy and nourishing foods can be really helpful in feeling calm and energised and able to give back to others as much as possible. Doing baking for chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins or other kinds of plant based baking can also be helpful and creative for INFPs too.

Are you an INFP too or are there any other kinds of care tips you often use?



16 personalities webpage



Please note: I also wrote an earlier blog post about INFPS, one of 16 types and INFPs, a second blog post in case you would also like to read a couple more blog posts noting a bit more about INFPs (please check the links) 🕊🌸


Further resources: please note, if you would like to learn more about INFPs, you could also check the 16 personalities webpage, the personality page webpage, the type in mind webpage or Sarah’s blog INFP Insights, a blog about INFPs and helping to empower INFPs and all types (please check the links) 🌸 a couple of helpful books about all of the 16 Myers Briggs personality types also include Please Understand Me (1984) by Keirsey and Bates and Gifts Differing (1980) by Isabel Briggs Myers and Peter B. Myers

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