A couple more humanitarians

Here is a post to share a couple more humanitarians I know of and look up to a lot, because of how they helped to create positive changes in the world, and shared a lot of kindness, love and bravery with others and with the world 🕊 the humanitarians include Mother Teresa and Gandhi and I also wrote an earlier blog post, noting a couple of humanitarians I look up to a lot, including Audrey Hepburn and Princess Diana, Princess of Wales 🌸 I thought of Mother Teresa because she was so full of kindness and unconditional love and did so much to help and support the poor and the sick, and of Gandhi, because he was so brave and helped to uplift and support less fortunate people, to create more peace in India and lead India to independence from British rule.


A couple more humanitarians

Mother Teresa

‘humility is truth’ (Mother Teresa)

Mother Teresa’s whole being is noted to of focused on helping to bring dignity and compassion in to the life of the destitute and afflicted, and she helped to show that great things can be achieved wherever there is great love; not only among those in Calcutta, but throughout the world. When Mother Teresa passed away in 1997, the order she had run for almost 50 years had a lot of members and volunteers, and is noted to of cared for a couple thousand children, and to of treated thousands of sick people each year.

Mother Teresa’s service to humanity is noted to of become of global proportions, although she is also noted to never of lost sight of individuals. Her humanitarian concerns are described to of began in the streets of Calcutta, and to of ended with a regard for individuals, wherever they suffered from hardships. She was able to establish a centre for lepers in 1958 and was honoured with a couple of major awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and the US Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1985.


‘you must be the change you wish to see in the world’ (Gandhi)

Gandhi is noted to of made personal sacrifices during his long life, to help to show his compassion and concern for others. He is described as always wanting to help the poor, the sick and the downtrodden, and to help to free them from colonialism no matter what the cost could be to himself. Gandhi is also noted to of left behind a legacy of inspiration, which is noteworthy in both its sincerity, and love of humanity. Gandhi is described as of being drawn to people, especially the marginalised, as a butterfly is drawn to flowers. He wanted to acknowledge people’s suffering, and to help to bring promise to their life.

To help to bring promise into the life of suffering people, Gandhi identified with poor people through his personal circumstances and choices, he looked to find neglected people in their homes, no matter how degraded or far away the homes may be, and he acted on the behalf of people suffering, even if his actions bought about personal suffering, to himself. Further, gathering and uplifting the oppressed was one of Gandhi’s strenghts and helped to show his kindness and benevolence, and was shown during the Salt March (army of peace) of 1913.

Do you love Mother Teresa and Gandhi too, or are there any different humanitarian figures who you look up to a lot?


Photo credit: a quote noted by Mother Teresa, created on word



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Please note: I also wrote an earlier blog post to share a couple of humanitarians in case you would also like to read the first blog post (please check the link) 🕊🌸

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