Strawberries and banana with honey and almonds


Here is a simple and plant based recipe for fresh strawberries and banana, with honey and chopped almonds 🕊 it is spring, early summer in NZ (where I am from) and the weather is warm and sunny and we just bought a packet of strawberries from our local fruit and veggie market a couple of days ago (our first strawberries of the season) 🌸 strawberries are one of my favourite fruits, and I hope the recipe could be helpful in case you enjoy strawberries a lot too! to make the recipe, you just need fresh strawberries and banana, honey and whole almonds to chop, and you could hopefully find the ingredients for the recipe in your garden and at your local shop or fruit and veggie market 🌸

Strawberries and bananas, with honey and almonds

Serves 1


  • a couple of handfuls of fresh strawberries (you could also include a different kind of fresh berry you enjoy, or a couple of different kinds)
  • 1 banana
  • a handful of whole almonds
  • a couple of teaspoons of honey (to taste)


Begin by carefully rinsing the strawberries with cold water, chop off the green end, and cut in half (or in quarters in case the strawberries are quite big). Peel the banana, and slice carefully. Add the strawberries and banana into a bowl.

Carefully chop the almonds into rough pieces and sprinkle over the top of the strawberries and bananas. Drizzle the honey on the top, and enjoy


You could also include more fruits in case you would like to (could include apples, grapes, oranges, grapefruits, blueberries, or a different kind of fruit you enjoy) and you could also include more or a different kind of nut you like (could include walnuts, pecans). In case the honey is quite thick, you could warm it for a couple of seconds in a microwave or in a small pot.

Do you love strawberries, bananas, almonds and honey a lot too?


Photo credit: strawberries photo from KORA Organics Instagram page (@koraorganics)

Please note: I also wrote an earlier blog post sharing a recipe for a strawberry smoothie in case you would like to check a second post about strawberries (please check the link) 🌸

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