A gentle moisturising cream by trilogy

Here is a post to share and note a bit about a gentle moisturiser for sensitive skin, called the very gentle moisturising cream by trilogy natural products πŸ•Š the gentle moisturising cream comes carefully packaged in a light pink and white box, and I use the moisturising cream each day, both in the morning and just before bed 🌸 I made an order for a couple of natural rose and sensitive skin care products from trilogy natural products, including a gentle moisturiser, just a couple of weeks ago, as the moisturiser I had been using (a soothing day and night cream by KORA Organics) just ran out (a link to a post about the beautiful soothing day and night cream by KORA Organics is here)

Gentle moisturising cream by trilogy

The gentle moisturising cream by trilogy natural products comes in a beautiful round, glass jar with a circle lid, and light pink and white notes about the moisturising cream on the outside. There is also a separate scoop included to help to apply the moisturising cream from the jar, in case you are hoping to be as careful as possible, and the moisturising cream is thick and white and feels so soft. Because the gentle moisturising cream is carefully formulated for sensitive skin, it is neutral and unscented, and feels so soft and luxurious on the skin. I often apply the gentle moisturising cream on my neck and chest area too, just after cleansing and misting my skin.

As noted by trilogy natural products, the gentle moisturising creams offers daily moisture recovery & comfort, and

πŸ•Š is a certified natural, revitalising cream

πŸ•Š is fragrance free, and dermatologically tested

πŸ•Š nourishes and protects reactive skin

As further noted by trilogy natural products, you can

“soothe and protect easily irritated skin with this deeply hydrating cream. It gently nourishes and revitalises, while helping fine lines and wrinkles to appear visibly smoother”

How to use: apply to cleansed face, neck and dΓ©colletage and use morning and, or night as required. 

Have you tried a natural moisturiser by trilogy natural products before too, or a different kind of gentle moisturiser for sensitive skin?

Photo credit: sensitive skin care products photo by trilogy natural products UK (@trilogyproductsuk)

Sources: trilogy products gentle moisturising cream packaging

Please note: I also wrote an earlier blog post sharing a couple of care tips with rosehip oil, about the Very Gentle Restoring Oil by Trilogy Productsa couple of samples from Trilogyan organic rosehip oil by Trilogy Productsand a rosehip cleansing oil in case you are also hoping to read a couple more posts about rosehip oil or natural skin care by Trilogy Products (please check the links)

Disclaimer: please note the blog post is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Trilogy Products, although I hope noting a bit about the brand could be helpful in case you could be hoping to try a natural and gentle moisturiser too (a link to the website for Trilogy Products is here) πŸ•Š

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