Eco friendly body care by everkind

Everkind are a beautiful and award winning natural, organic and eco friendly body care brand who are based in NZ, and who make a couple of organic self care and body care products, including a couple of natural deodorants. The everkind brand is a kind combination of a love for nature, being careful toward the environment, kindness and self care, and everkind kindly posted an eco friendly deodorant to try. The deodorant is light pink, and called the ultra deodorant stick, and the deodorant stick is so beautiful, and is the most gentle, caring, helpful and effective deodorant I have used before.

About everkind

EverKind is luxurious, certified organic bodycare.  Made in New Zealand, from exclusive premium ingredients. 

It’s award-winning, gentle and incredibly effective.  Created to care for you and your world, without compromise. 

Together, let’s conquer with kindness!

An organic deodorant by everkind

The organic, light pink ultra deodorant by everkind came carefully packaged in a beautiful brown cardboard box, with a kind note and notes page about everkind, light straw, and a light gold heart shape chocolate. I began to try the deodrant just a couple of days ago, and after carefully applying just a couple of gentle swipes the deodorant helped me to keep protected and fresh all day, including after exercising outside in the garden, in the summer sun. The deodrant comes in a beautiful light brown card packaging (which is eco friendy and can be composted), with light pink notes about the deodorant on the outside. The deodorant feels so soft and gentle on sensitive skin, and has a beautiful and kind soft, natural scent.

As noted by everkind,

  • EverKind is aluminium free with no parabens, stearates or chemical nasties – so you can have peace of mind while staying as fresh as a daisy – all day, every day.
  • The Ultra formula is scented with organic manuka, lavender true and geranium rose precious essential oils, and all in a convenient push up stick that’s compostable and eco friendly.

I couldn’t recommend the natural, eco friendly deodorant by everkind highly enough in case you could be hoping to try a natural and organic deodorant, which is gentle on the skin and also effective; the light pink ultra deodrant by everkind is the most gentle and helpful deodorant I have used before, and am hoping to try a couple of different self care and body care products by everkind too.

Have you tried a natural or eco friendly deodorant before too?

Photo credit: photo of the light pink ultra deodorant, found on the everkind website

Sources: everkind website

Disclaimer: please note, although everkind nz kindly posted a light pink ultra everkind deodrant to try, I tried to be as honest and objective as possible and hope noting a bit about everkind nz could be helpful in case you could be hoping to try a natural and eco friendly body care product too (a link to the beautiful Instagram page for everkind is here and a link to the website for everkind is here)

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