Care tips to love yourself more

Here is a post to share a couple of care tips to help to love yourself more, noted by Lorna Byrne in a clip found online I carefully transcribed to share in a blog post. Lorna Byrne is a best selling Irish author of a number of books about angels, including angels in my hair and love from heaven, and is noted to be able to see and talk to angels and guardian angels. Her books are published in a lot of different countries and languages around the world, and I enjoy watching clips of her and interviews with her a lot, as she is always so kind and gentle and has a lot of helpful and assuring tips and ideas. I hope the care tips to love yourself more could be helpful in case you could be interested a lot in self care, and hoping to look after yourself as much as possible πŸ•ŠπŸŒΈ

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Kind tips to love yourself more

“The angels have taught me to see something that is very precious to you, and that is the physical force of love. When you were born as a newborn baby, you loved yourself completely because you knew you were one hundred percent pure love. Nine out of ten people lock their love away. You cannot destroy it or diminish it in any way, it’s always still there inside of you, one hundred percent. When I see love coming from a person, it’s like a mist, it comes from every single part of them and it’s crystal clear, it’s transparent and it moves gently.

But a lot of the time I see a person with love locked away and when a person does that, they have this band around them, that looks hard and cold. The angels have told me that the more you release the love that is inside of you, the more joyous and happier you will be, and the more your life will be fulfilled. I’m going to tell you now 5 ways to help you to release that love inside of you.”

by Lorna Byrne

Choose to love yourself more

“you have the choice now to acknowledge that your are pure love, you are the one who is able to release that band that is around your chest and allow your love out. Don’t be afraid, remember it’s never too late, no matter what age you are.”

Become aware of love

“Become conscious of love, I know many of you have never thought about love, you may have only though about romantic love, but you have forgotten all of the rest. Recognise all of the opportunities you have to show love, every single day. It could be just a smile or a kind word to someone, or giving them a helping hand. Don’t let any opportunity pass by, don’t allow yourself to be cold hearted and not allow yourself to show love. Don’t tighten that band around your chest, allow out your pure love.”

No one is perfect

“Think of the events in the past that have caused you to lock your love away, to tighten that band and start to release those things that caused hurt. It could of been, you know, when you were a small child and something wasn’t shared with you or you weren’t allowed to have something, or maybe when you were a teenager you were bullied at school, or maybe even now as an adult, you know, things have been said to you that have hurt you or people haven’t reached out and helped you, so it helps to remember all of those things or as many as you can that caused you to lock your love away so now you can release it, accept those things that had hurt you so much.”

Say a prayer

“Prayer is powerful, I always say it can move mountains, but one other thing you may not of realised is it can help you to release your love that is inside of you, because every time you pray you are either praying for yourself or you’re praying for someone else or you’re praying for something you have heard that has happened in the world that has moved your compassion, your emotions and that helps you and helps every one else in the world as well, to release their love.”

A prayer from the angels

“I’ve been given a prayer from the angels, to help you release your love

Please help me to release that most

Precious gift you have given me of love,

That gift of love that comes from

Heaven and is connected to my soul

if you start to release your love more, you will become happier within yourself and all of those around you will become happier too, and if every one in the world today started to release more of their love, the world would become more full of love, more peace and more happiness”

by Lorna Byrne

Have you read a book by Lorna Byrne before, or tried any of the kind tips noted above?

Sources: please note, all of the words in the blog post (in italics) including all of the tips are noted by Lorna Byrne in a clip found online on her YouTube channel (a link to the clip is here and to her YouTube channel is here) and I transcribed all of the words noted by Lorna in the clip as carefully as I could.

Please note: the blog post is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Lorna Byrne, although I hope noting a bit about her and her books, and sharing the tips noted above could be helpful in case you could be interested a lot in self care, or could be hoping to look after yourself as much as possible πŸ•ŠπŸŒΈ

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