Organic beauty bars by nutra organics

Here is a post about a couple of organic, wholefood beauty bars made by nutra organics (@nutraorganics) I just bought from a natural shop called natural things nz (@naturalthingsnz) to try, and hope could be helpful. Nutra organics are a beautiful organic beauty care and wellbeing company who are based in australia, and who create a number of different kinds of natural and organic nutritional products, which help to look after your health and wellbeing (and skin) as much as possible, from the inside out. The organic beauty bars are called collagen beauty bars, and come in a couple of different flavours, including vanilla berry and salted cacao maca 🕊🌸

About nutra organics

“Nutra Organics provides real, honest nutrition that not only tastes good, but is easy to incorporate into your daily life. Plus practical, holistic support to help you find and maintain your version of health, whatever that looks like for you and your family.”

“We provide the wholesome goodness you may be missing out on. Our products are certified organic whenever possible and packed with essential nutrition to boost your everyday health. We work hard to maintain the integrity of all we produce, from the highest quality ingredients in our blends to the drying methods that preserve the most amount of nutritional value. We don’t use artificial colours, flavours, synthetics or ingredients.”

by nutra organics

Organic beauty bars

About the organic beauty bars

“Eat your way to healthy skin, hair & nails with Collagen Beauty Bars! The most delicious & convenient way for Collagen Beauty lovers to eat their skincare routine.

Each bar contains 4000 mg of collagen including Verisol® Bioactive Collagen Peptides, clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity & hydration, along with Vitamin C & Zinc to support healthy hair and nails.

These nourishing bars not only love you from the inside out, but also love the environment thanks to their 100% home compostable wrappers”

by nutra organics

Vanilla berry bar: the vanilla berry bar is a raspberry colour, with a soft vanilla and berry scent and a slightly softer texture than the salted cacao maca, while still being firm. It has a very gentle vanilla and berry flavour, a bit like a creamy and carefully made raspberry smoothie or frozen yogurt ice cream with fresh berries. The vanilla berry bar is so delicious and nourishing and also has a tiny hint of coconut, and could be helpful in case you enjoy berries and fresh fruits a lot too !

Salted cacao maca bar: the salted cacao maca bar is a beautiful chocolate brown colour with a warm and nourishing cocoa scent. It has a firm texture (a bit firmer than the vanilla berry) and a delicious chocolatey flavour with a bit of malt and date, which is not too sweet and tastes so gentle and nurturing. One of the nicest bars I have tried before and a lovely snack in case you could love chocolatey flavours a lot too, and could be quite health conscious too !

How to find the organic beauty bars: in case you could be hoping to find an organic beauty bar by nutra organics to try too, you could check the nutra organics website, or hopefully find them in a health shop in your country too. Nutra organics also has a beautiful instagram page with a lot of pink, feminine and inspiring photos about health and wellbeing and sharing the organic beauty care products they make (a link to the page is here). The organic beauty bars are about $3.50 (aud) each, and you could also buy them (in bulk) in a larger package in case you would like to.

Have you tried an organic beauty care product by nutra organics before too? are there any different kinds of foods you often eat to help to look after your skin, health and wellbeing as much as possible from the inside out?

Sources: nutra organics website

Disclaimer: please note, the blog post is not endorsed, sponsored by or affiliated with nutra organics or natural things nz and does not include gifted items or a gifted discount code, although I hope noting a bit about the organic beauty bars and nutra organics could be helpful in case you could be hoping to try an organic beauty care product or could be interested a lot in natural beauty, nutrition, self care and in looking after yourself as much as possible 🕊🌸

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