Care tips for HSPs

Here is a post to share a couple of care tips for highly sensitive people (HSPs) I hope could be helpful in case you could be highly sensitive, an introvert, could sometimes suffer from anxiety too or could be hoping to look after yourself as much as possible πŸ•Š I am 26 years old and although I had a happy childhood and often feel comfy and confident in my 20s, I am also a highly sensitive person, quite shy and quite introverted and find practicing the care tips to be helpful in keeping calm as much as possible each day 🌸 a couple of the care tips include breathing, nourishing foods and hydration, a comfy sleep, being outside in nature, a kind of exercise you enjoy, being playful and happy and creating a careful kind of schedule you feel comfortable with !

About HSPs

The phrase highly sensitive person (HSP) was first noted by Elaine N. Aron in her book the Highly Sensitive Person, and describes a person who is born with heightened sensitivity and who is often gifted with great intelligence, intuition and imagination, although could also suffer from drawbacks, including coming across as shy or aloof (without meaning to) and suffering from low self esteem as HSPs could find it a bit harder to communicate, express themselves and feel comfortable in our modern society, which can sometimes be quite fast paced. In her book, Elaine N. Aron (who is a highly sensitive person herself and was the first researcher into HSPs) tries to focus on the strengths of being highly sensitive, to help HSPs understand more about their sensitivity and feel more comfortable with being highly sensitive.

Care tips for HSPs

πŸ•Š breathing sometimes if you are in a new environment or feeling anxious, it can be easy to forget to do calm, deep breathing, which can really help you to feel calmer and more comfortable and relaxed. You could try to do deep breathing from your diaphragm, for about 3 to 4 seconds for each inhale and 3 to 4 seconds for each exhale. In case you could be interested in mindfulness meditation, yoga or another kind of calm practice which can include a careful focus on breathing, you could try to find a book at your local bookshop, or find a clip online which could help guide you through a simple yoga practice or mindfulness meditation. Steffy White (@steffywhiteyoga) is a lovely yoga teacher with a lot of helpful clips on youtube in case it could be helpful.

πŸ•Š nourishing foods and hydration I find being careful to eat a lot of nourishing foods in the daytime and drinking a lot of fresh water, herbal teas and fresh juices, to be helpful in feeling calm and looking after my body as much as possible. Plant based foods are often helpful (oats, almond milk, fresh fruits and veggies, grains, nuts and seeds) and making smoothies and fresh juices at home, or buying one from a shop if you can afford to, could also help. There are a couple of healthy and plant based recipes noted on the blog in the Recipes category, including a couple by Deliciously Ella (@deliciouslyella) in case you could be hoping to check a couple of recipes too.

πŸ•Š a comfy sleep I often go to bed quite early (about 9 pm) after a warm shower or bath and applying skin care, and try to sleep for about 8 hours if I can. A comfy sleep could hopefully help a lot in case you are quite sensitive, as it could help your body repair and be ready for another day as much as possible. I sometimes light a candle (I am currently using a vanilla candle by sweet treats and co) and try to read a book before bed and think kind and positive thoughts (the treasure yourself affirmations cards or treasure yourself book by Miranda Kerr could be helpful before bed too).

πŸ•Š being outside in nature being outside in nature or being connected to the natural world is often helpful for feeling calm and calming sensitivity too, and trying to find a green space, walking outside in nature, watching a sunrise, looking after plants at home or playing with animals could help for looking after your mind, body and spirit. I also wrote an earlier blog post sharing a couple of nature poems and a couple of notes and tips about writing nature poetry in case you could be hoping to write a poem about nature too.

πŸ•Š a kind of exercise you enjoy finding a kind of exercise you enjoy (could include running, jogging, walking or a gentler kind of exercise, including yoga or swimming) and practicing often or just a couple of times a week could be helpful to help your body to manage stress and soften sensitivity. I often walk with our pup Ruby (a labrador) each day if I can and also sometimes do yoga too as the stretches and careful breathing can help a lot with flexibility and calming your nervous system. Steffy White (@steffywhiteyoga) is a lovely yoga teacher with a lot of helpful clips on youtube in case it could be helpful.

πŸ•Š being playful and happy being curious, playful and doing happy and simple things you enjoy could also help a lot in case you are a highly sensitive person, as it could help you to keep a comfy and balanced outlook, and also feel more joyful and positive. I enjoy doing creative things (writing, baking, painting, gardening), watching funny clips online and movies a lot and being close by to friends and family (including online) who are kind, trustworthy and who you feel safe and comfortable around is also helpful.

πŸ•Š creating a careful kind of schedule creating a careful schedule you feel comfortable with could also help, in case you are at home and trying to be as organised as possible, or in case you could be away from home and could be trying to keep as calm and grounded as possible in a new, or unfamiliar environment. It could be just making breakfast, skin care and going for a morning walk, and then doing yoga and skin care just before bed, or something a bit more detailed and organised, just what feels comfortable for you and could help you to feel a bit organised could help.

Are you a highly sensitive person too, or do you often do any of the care tips noted above too?

Photo credit: frangipani flower, found on Pinterest

Sources: the Highly Sensitive Person book, by Elaine N. Aron

Aron, E. N. (1999). The Highly Sensitive Person. London, UK: Element, Harper Collins Publishers.

Please note: I also wrote an earlier blog post sharing a couple of care tips for INFPs, care tips to love yourself more and a couple of sleep care tips in case you could also be hoping to check a couple more blog posts about care tips (please check the links)

Disclaimer: please note, all of the tips noted are my own, and the blog post is not sponsored, although the vanilla candle noted in one of the care tips was bought with a kindly gifted discount code by sweet treats and co. I hope noting a bit about Elaine N. Aron and her book (and a couple of further resources) could be helpful in case you could be hoping to check some more resources, kind notes or care tips to look after yourself as much as possible πŸ•Š

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    1. hi thank you so much for your kind words πŸ•ŠπŸŒΈ ok it’s so cool you are also an HSP and so nice to meet another HSP ! and hope the post and care tips and book could be helpful too ☺️ ok it’s cool we are both about the same age too ! (i am 26 and was born in august of 1992) πŸ€—


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