April favourites

Here is a post to share a couple of natural beauty care and just a couple of other kinds of favourites for the month of april ๐Ÿ•Š a couple of the favourites include a cherry blossom (fleurs de cerisier) fragrance by l’occitane, eco friendly soap from earthwise, a light blue cotton jumper, a couple of natural candles, and beauty care clips by violette fr on her youtube channel ๐ŸŒธ I hope sharing and noting a bit about the april favourites could be helpful in case you could be hoping to try a couple of the natural beauty care or other kinds of favourites noted too.

April favourites

A cherry blossom fragrance: I bought a cherry blossom (fleurs de cerisier) fragrance from l’occitane en provence just a couple of years ago and often use the fragrance each day. The cherry blossom fragrance comes in a light pink glass bottle and a light pink card packaging, with cherry blossom illustrations. As noted on the box, the delicacy and poetry of blossoming cherry trees is captured in the perfume, which is soft, feminine and contains a cherry extract from Luberon, Provence. The scent of the perfume is really lovely; the scent is light, fresh, soft, feminine and a little bit creamy, and I always feel lovely when I am wearing it (a link to an earlier blog post is here).

a cherry blossom fragrance by l’occitane

Eco friendly soap from earthwise: I first tried eco friendly soaps by earthwise about 4 years ago (in 2015) and they are a couple of my favourite natural soaps. Just this month in april, I have been using the earthwise nourish natural soap in rosehip and almond oil both in the shower and bath and the soap is so gentle to use, and has a light rosey scent. Earthwise also make a couple of different soaps, including goats milk and shea butter, and they are an eco friendly body care, home cleaning and baby care company who are based in nz (a link to an earlier post about a natural, eco friendly conditioner by earthwise is here).

A light blue cotton jumper: I bought a light blue cotton jumper (on sale) from witchery just a couple of weeks ago, and wear the jumper a lot in the daytime (often with leggings, when going for a walk with our pup ruby, a labrador pup). The jumper is called wide neck 3/4 sleeve knit and comes in a beautiful light blue colour, and could be helpful to go with a lot of things, including leggings, jeans, skirts and for layering too. I often look for second hand clothing a lot to buy in case I could need something new, although the jumper is a helpful piece and helps to go with a lot of different things, and the colour is so beautiful.

A couple of natural candles: I often light a natural candle just before bed, and a couple of different ones at home I often use include a vanilla cupcake candle by melted bliss (bought with a kindly gifted discount code) (a link to an earlier post about the candle is here), a natural green tea candle with a wooden lid and a natural candle by ecoya (a Christmas gift). All of the candles are so beautiful and the scents are quite different (I often light just one at a time) and are calming to light just before bed (a link to an earlier post sharing a couple of sleep care tips is here). I am also hoping to be able to buy a light pink, rose quartz candle holder soon to, to help to hold a smaller tea light candle.

Beauty care clips by violette fr: as noted on her youtube channel, violette is a Parisian makeup artist who is living in New York, has studied art all of her life and is self-taught in makeup. Violette is noted to work in fashion and travel all over the world and you can follow her travels, see her beauty tutorials and watch her work come to life behind the scenes on photoshoots on her youtube channel. Violette is extraordinarily kind, and all of her videos are so carefully made, with beautiful photography, colours, and high quality make up, hair care and styling and a lot of helpful tips ! (a link to her youtube channel is here and to her instagram page is here)

Are there any other kinds of natural beauty care, skin care, or other kinds of favourite things you have been enjoying a lot in the month of april ?

Sources: Cherry blossom fragrance by l’occitane packaging, earthwise website, violette’s youtube channel

Please note:ย I also wrote a couple more monthly and other kinds of favourites blog posts in case you could be hoping to check a couple more favourites posts (please check the Favouritesย category !)

Disclaimer: please note, the vanilla candle noted was bought (by me) with a kindly gifted discount code although the blog post is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with the natural beauty care, skin care and other kinds of brands noted above, although I hope noting the brands could be helpful in case you could be hoping to try a couple of the favourites noted too ๐Ÿ•Š๐ŸŒธ

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