About camomile

Here is a post to note a bit about camomile, a pretty white flower with a light yellow centre, a bit like a daisy flower πŸ•Š camomile is often used in natural beauty care and skin care products, and a couple of special benefits of camomile for skin care are noted in a page on the care 2 living website. Camomile is noted to be helpful for skin care because of its anti inflammatory properties, camomile helps to aid in the healing process of skin, camomile can be use as a helpful moisturiser and has anti ageing benefits, camomile could help to soothe and look after skin around the eye area and camomile could help to lighten your complexion.

a light blue sky and meadow with camomile flowers, found on Pinterest

Benefits of camomile for skin care

As described on the care 2 living website, camomile has been used as a natural remedy to help a number of different kinds of common health care conditions, including upset stomachs, for centuries. Further, because a camomile flower has theraputic qualities, camomile is also a popular choice in helping to care for and keep skin healthy too. Here are a couple of reasons why it could be helpful to include camomile in your skin care routine in case you could not of tried camomile before for skin care.

1 camomile has anti inflammatory properties, which can help to soother acne, eczema, sun burn, rashes and other kinds of skin irritations

2 camomile helps to aid in the healing process of skin (for wounds)

3 camomile can be used as a helpful and effective moisturizer and can slow down the aging process of the skin

4 camomile could help to reduce puffiness and under eye circes (by holding a couple of cool camomile tea bags around the eye area)

5 camomile could help to lighten your complexion for a light, healthy glow (camomile could be a natural bleacher because of its cleansing and moisturizing properties, powerful antioxidants and anti aging effects)

Care 2 living also note how camomile can be found in both dried herb form, as a herbal tea, in creams and ointments and as an essential oil, although caution is suggested in case you could be hoping to consume camomile or apply it on your skin as some people can have an allergic reaction when using herbs or oils. Further, you could try just a small test amount on your skin first, or check with your doctor in case you are not sure !

Do you love camomile flowers a lot too ? Or have you tried camomile before in natural beauty care or skin care ?

Photo credit: camomile flowers photo, found on Pinterest

Sources: Care 2 living website

Please note: all of the benefits of camomile for skin care noted were carefully cited from an original post published on the Care 2 living website (a link to the page is here)

Disclaimer: please note, the blog post is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with Care 2 living, although I hope sharing a couple of tips about camomile for skin care (published by Care 2 living) could be helpful πŸ•Šβ˜ΊοΈ

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