A Q and a with Rania May

A Q and a post with Rania May

a photo of Rania May, posted by @seyi_rania

Here is a post to share a Q and a with Rania May (@seyi_rania) a friend from wordpress who is from australia and has a beautiful natural beauty care and wellness blog called Rania May, beauty and wellness. On her blog, Rania May shares a lot of carefully written and helpful blog posts with beautiful photos about natural beauty care and skin care, and also about organic health and wellness, care and beauty beginning from the inside. Rania May is also noted to be a natural beauty advocate and to of been an organic influencer finalist for @australianorganic 🕊 in the Q and a, Rania May shares a bit about how she was inspired to create her blog and her love for natural beauty care, skin care and organic health and wellness, a couple of natural, organic beauty care products she often uses and enjoys using a lot and could recommend and a couple of simple and safe natural skin care products she could recommend for some one who could be just beginning to learn about natural skin care. Rania May also notes a couple of her ideas about natural foods and a couple of simple ways of including more fresh produce in your day, a couple of care tips for some one who could be hoping to look after themselves as much as possible and one of her favourite quotes 🕊🌸

Here are a couple of questions I thought of to ask Rania May for the post, and her answers

1 you created a beautiful natural beauty blog called Rania May, Beauty and Wellness, could you note a bit about how you were inspired to create your blog and also a bit about your love for natural beauty care, skin care and organic health and wellness ?

Rania May: thank you so much! Yes would love to share how this health and wellness journey came about. In 2011 was when I started using organic and natural products. This was the year my beautiful mother passed away from breast cancer. I was absolutely devasted and I needed to find out why my mother, who was so healthy, could have developed such a terrible disease. After doing extensive research and attending seminars, it was brought to my awareness that chemicals found in everyday non organic skincare/haircare/homecare products was doing more harm than good! Some research made claims that breast tumours contain parabens and those same chemicals are present in skincare products! Absolutely terrifying. Did you also know that 60-70% of what you put in your skin absorbs into your blood stream? That’s why it is imperative to choose safe, natural skincare and hair products so they don’t impact your health. My blog motto is in fact “Sharing my Knowledge of Natural Beauty that Does Not Compromise your health & wellness”. I have been passionate about the use of natural and organic skincare products for years now and I can’t imagine ever going back! Despite the many years of living this passion, I only started my blog about a year ago as I needed to share my passion through another outlet! It has really taken off since then ☺️

2 are there any natural or organic beauty care products (could include make up, hair care or other) you often use or are enjoying using a lot at the moment and could maybe recommend ?

Rania May: you will notice on my Instagram and blog I speak highly of Kora Organics. Most of my skincare routine consists of their products including:

  • 3 step system for oily combination skin (foaming cleanser, energising citrus mist and purifying moisturiser)
  • Noni glow face oil
  • Turmeric exfoliating mask and Noni Sleeping mask

Kora Organics is a certified organic Australian brand created by the amazing Miranda Kerr. I am a big believer of her products as they are made with pure, highly concentrated active ingredients, full of antioxidants and have contributed to my glowing healthy skin. Miranda herself also follows me on Instagram as she loves what I share about her products on my blog.

I also love to use Zuii Organic for my make up! Did you know that every single ingredient that goes into any Zuii Organic formula is Certified Organic. With a blend of real flowers, power plant extracts, essential oils, vitamins, minerals and so many other organic goodies they work to hydrate, soothe, nourish and protect the skin. Such an amazing brand and I highly recommend.

Other products I use throughout my week include:

  • Vayda Organics – Their oil facial cleanser is just incredible! Love using it in the shower
  • Coconut Tree Products – I use their Coconut + Argan oil shampoo and conditioner. Its seriously my favourite natural haircare that works!
  • Sukin – I use their Rosehip oil almost daily! I either mix into my daily moisturiser or with my body lotion for extra hyrdration.

3 are there any simple and safe natural skin care products (or kinds of products) you could recommend for some one who could be just beginning to learn about natural skin care and could maybe be hoping to be quite careful with spending ?

Rania May: Sukin Naturals! Their company tagline is literally “Natural and effective skincare that’s good for you, your wallet, and the environment too”. Sukin can be found in your local chemist, healthfood store or supermarket. They are super affordable and do not contain any nasties found in non-natural or non-organic brands. Although it is not certified organic, it is safe but effective to use and it’s a great brand to start with as they have quite a wide range of products.

However if anyone is feeling unsure of what to try and switch to first in regards to natural products, I always to say to them, change your deodorant first! Deodorants and anti-perspirant that stop you from sweating contain harmful chemicals such as aluminium. These toxins clog up the lymph nodes in the armpit and near the breast and have been known to increase risk of cancer as it can absorb into the skin. One way that the body detoxes is by sweating so this is why I emphasise the importance of switching to natural deodorants!!

4 you are also passionate about organic health and wellness and being careful to nourish your body with fresh produce when possible. Are there any simple ways of including more fresh produce in your day you could note for some one who could be quite heath conscious too ?

Rania May: my rule is to ask myself “how much of the food today came from a packet or in their raw form?”. It is ideal for the human body to consume foods in their natural and raw state and to stay away from processed foods. However this is easier said than done! So I ensure to have a balance throughout my week and eat everything in moderation. I do not believe in diets or the need to deprive yourself of certain foods! If it’s the time of the month and I feel like consuming chocolate and basically anything considered “bad fatty foods”, I will go ahead and eat it. As long as I have consumed lots of fresh fruit, veggies and water throughout my week, I allow a treat every so often. However in general I do not drink soft drink or add any sugar to teas/coffees, I drink de-caffeinated coffee or herbal teas, I exercise regularly, very rarely do I drink alcohol and try not to eat too much dairy. I also take Vitamin E, fish oil and Primrose supplement, B vitamins and do a shot of noni juice every couple of days. All of these help to nourish my body!

5 you also share an inner beauty series called ‘Beauty starts from the inside’ on your natural beauty blog, are there any self love and care tips you could share with some one who could be hoping to look after themselves as much as possible ? (could include positive affirmations)

Rania May: every morning upon wakening, I take a few deep breaths then choose an affirmation to begin my day. I have a stack of affirmation cards on my bedside table and I normally place my rose quartz on top of the affirmation card I picked to add further positive and self-love vibes to my day. Sometimes I like to also practice loving kindness meditation which increase self-love and spreading kindness or compassion to loved ones or even people you do not know.

The most important thing you can do to look after yourselves is ensuring you have at least an hour a day to just focus on YOU. Whether this is reading your favourite book, taking a long shower using your favourite body products, chucking on some trackies and sitting in front of the tv or going for a walk/run in a nearby park. Find time for YOU and your mind, body, spirit will thank you!

6 is there a quote you love, which always uplifts and inspires you ?

Rania May: in general my affirmations uplight and inspire me but if there is one quote I love, then it is this:

“The hero and healer your heart needs is the one you see in the mirror” – Vex King.

a copy of one of Rania May’s favourite quotes (noted above), created on word and plann app (and shared in a post on @carenaturalblog)

thank you so much Rania May for sharing your thoughts, ideas and care tips for the Q and a post, all of your answers are all so careful and thoughtful and helpful and thank you so much for sharing such kind and helpful natural beauty care, skin care and organic health and wellness recommendations and care tips 🕊 i’m so sorry about your mum, she sounds like a wonderful person and i’m sure your mum would be so proud of you and of who you are today and i’m sure all of your friends and readers of your natural beauty blog appreciate your knowledge and understanding of natural and organic beauty care and wellness so much, and your sharing of such kind and helpful and inspiring posts up on your blog.

How to find Rania May: in case you could be hoping to find more about Rania May and to check her natural beauty and wellness blog and some of her blog posts about natural beauty care, skin care and organic life, health and wellness, her instagram page is @seyi_rania and the address for her blog Rania May, beauty and wellness created on wordpress is raniamaybeauty.wordpress.com (please check the links)

Photo credit: photograph of Rania May in light pink is from Rania May and was taken by her friend and photographer, Grxves

Sources: all of the questions noted were created and asked by me and all of the answers noted are by Rania May

Please note: I also created and published a couple of earlier Q and a kinds of posts in case you could be hoping to check another Q and a blog post (please check the About page (also just at the top of the blog) or the Interviews category)

Disclaimer: please note, all of the answers noted by Rania May are her own and the blog post is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with any of the natural beauty care, skin care or other kinds of brands noted in the Q and a post, although I hope noting a bit about the brands and sharing a link to the page of the brand could be helpful in case you could maybe be hoping to try a natural beauty care, skin care or other kind of product noted by Rania May (please check the links) 🕊🌸

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    1. hi rania may thank you so much for your kind words and you’re welcome and hope you enjoy the post 🕊 thank you for sharing a lot of kind and helpful answers for the Q and a post 🤗✨


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