Organic massage balm by ever kind

a couple of days ago i bought an organic massage balm (in summer) from ever kind, a favourite natural, organic and award winning beauty care and body care brand who are based in nz (where i am from) πŸ•Š i use an organic and eco friendly light pink deodorant from ever kind each day (kindly gifted from a free giveaway gift post on the ever kind instagram page @everkindnz) and the deodorant is the most gentle, safe and effective deodorant i have used before (a link to an earlier post about organic deodorant by ever kind is here) and i was hoping to try another natural beauty care product by ever kind, who also create a couple more kinds of products, including a face and beard balm for men, a natural insect repellant and a couple of organic massage balms, and i chose to try an organic massage balm to also share in a post in case it could be helpful.

about ever kind

“EverKind is luxurious, certified organic bodycare. Made in New Zealand, from exclusive premium ingredients.

It’s award-winning, gentle and incredibly effective. Created to care for you and your world, without compromise.

Together, let’s conquer with kindness!”

(from the ever kind website)

organic massage balm by ever kind

“hello, sunshine ! after a balmy day… replenish your skin, breathe deep and delight in the joys of summer”

(as noted by ever kind on the organic massage balm packaging)

a couple of notes about the organic massage balm (in summer) noted by ever kind and created with letters on snapseed app and a white border on plann app

the organic massage balm by ever kind comes in a cardboard box package, with some light straw, a kind note and a choc in a light gold wrapper. The packaging for the organic massage balm is in a 55g circle shape glass jar with a lid and a couple of beautiful light pink stickers with writing, noting a bit about the organic massage balm, and all of the organic ingredients, including organic camellia oil, organic beeswax and organic essential oils (including lavender, roman chamomile and palmarosa). The organic massage balm is noted to be 100% organic and after opening the lid, the scent of the organic massage balm is light, creamy, and so calming, with a light scent of lavender and chamomile.

the organic massage balm is a natural colour and very soft and gentle and easy to apply to the skin, with a light and balmy feel and a warm scent of lavender and chamomile. I applied the organic massage balm just with my fingertips on my neck and shoulder area and it was so helpful in helping fingers to glide gently on the skin while doing a massage and it felt so calming and nourishing to use. The organic massage balm could also be helpful to use as an after sun balm too, because of all of the organic ingredients and because it is so soft and gentle on the skin and it is also named and inspired by summer. Because of the generous amount of massage balm it could also be helpful and safe to use quite generously any where on the body.

i enjoyed using the organic massage balm for the first time so much and am looking forward and hoping to use it again soon, and it is so beautiful and one of the loveliest, most calming and most gentle organic body care products i have used before in beautiful and carefully made packaging and with all natural, organic ingredients. The organic massage balm was also very moisturising and caring and kind on skin, and i enjoyed using it a lot just before bed as the soft lavender and chamomile sleep also helped me to fall asleep a bit easier. In case you could be hoping to try an organic massage balm by ever kind too, the price is about 35.99 (nzd) and a link to the ever kind website is here (it also comes in a different kind of scent or flavour too) πŸ•Šβ˜ΊοΈ

have you tried an organic massage balm before too, or an organic beauty care or body care product by ever kind ?

sources: ever kind website, organic massage balm by ever kind packaging

please note: i also wrote an earlier blog post about eco friendly body care by ever kind and eco friendly body care in case you could be hoping to see another post about ever kind organic body care or eco friendly body care (please check the links)

disclaimer: please note, the blog post is not sponsored, endorsed by or affiliated with ever kind although i hoping noting a bit about ever kind and the organic massage balm could be helpful in case you could be hoping to try organic body care too, or the organic massage balm by ever kind too (a link to the website for ever kind is here and to the instagram page for ever kind is here) πŸ•ŠπŸŒΈ

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