Care tips by Dr Libby

wishing you a happy friday and here is a post to share a couple of care tips about how to soothe your nervous system, as noted in an email by Dr Libby i just read on thursday morning 🕊 i hope sharing the post and care tips could be helpful and please note all of the words in the post were written by Dr Libby from her email and cited as carefully as i could. a couple of the tips noted include acknowledge (acknowledge any kinds of anxious feelings which you could be feeling), accept (accept anxious feelings) and amp up (amp up your deep breaths from your diaphragm and intake of fresh and whole foods with a lot of healthy and helpful nutrients) and Dr Libby also encourages you to maybe question how your body could be trying to communicate a helpful message to you (through anxious feelings) and to also take such good care of your precious self.

care tips by Dr Libby

how to soothe your nervous system

‘do you often open your eyes in the morning to a feeling of niggling, uncomfortable butterflies in your stomach ?

or do you wake up with sweats in the night for no apparent reason ?

… perhaps you just can’t ever sleep in – even when you need it most.

these are all things that we can experience alongside anxious feelings.

while they are a natural short term response to stress, if we experience these kinds of things for too long, they can tip our health towards a number of more serious health challenges.

remember that everything that you experience from your body is feedback. from the minor discomforts to any frustrations you have with your body – it’s all designed to help wake you up to what your body, mind or soul needs.

frequent anxious feelings and their connected symptoms tell us that our stress response is on hyper alert. while we may or may not know the factors that are causing this stress response, a helpful first step is to work towards soothing and supporting the nervous system.

here are some ideas that can help with that

🕊 acknowledge: anxious feelings can be overwhelming, and it can be tempting to somewhat ignore them – to busy yourself in daily life so you don’t have to stop and feel what’s really there. or to think that this is just how life is for you now and that there’s nothing you can do about it. we tend to think we feel this way because of everything outside of us – situations, tasks, other people… yet rather than blaming external factors, i encourage you to pause and simply acknowledge the anxious feelings when they are present. they are your response to these external factors. making this distinction might sound simple but when we shine a light on things as they are, it can start to take their power away. and with more calm, we can more easily see that there are a variety of ways to respond to what is bothering us, and we might be reminded that from our discomfort we have an opportunity to learn and grow.

🕊 accept: accept that you have anxious feelings present and also know that they will pass. don’t let your mind go into any ‘why’s, how’s or shouldn’ts’ around your anxious feelings, just acknowledge and accept that they’re there. our thoughts influence our biochemistry, so delving into more thoughts around the why’s/how’s/shouldn’t’s can actually drive our stress response up further, keeping us stuck in a vicious cycle and not affording us any insight.

🕊 amp up: amp up your belly breaths AND amp up your intake of whole, real foods and the nutrients they offer. did you know some of the best nutrients for soothing the nervous system come from plants ? when putting together the formula for the bio blends supplement calm restore, i spent countless hours researching this. inside you’ll find five of the highest quality and most effective plants, herbs and foods that work with the body to soothe and calm the nervous system.

remember, anxious feelings can simply be messengers asking us to eat, drink, move, think, breathe, believe or perceive differently.

what could yours be asking you to do ?

take such good care of your precious self.

with warmth,

Dr Libby x’

by Dr Libby in an email written by her, from

do you sometimes feel anxious feelings too, and are there any similar or different kinds of ways you often use to help to soothe anxiety and keep calm ?

in case you could be hoping to check Dr Libby’s website and could be hoping to sign up to her mailing list too for more care tips and emails about nutrition and self care and talks and tours she often does for her books, a link to her website is here 🕊 in case you could also be hoping to check some of the natural and nutritional supplements she creates for bio blends (including the calm restore supplement noted earlier in the post) a link to the bio blends website is also here 🌸

sources: please note, all of the words in the body of the blog post were written by Dr Libby in an email from in September 2019 and were as cited by me as carefully as possible to share in the post.

please note: i also wrote an earlier blog post about beauty from the inside out, a book by Dr Libby, the beauty guide, a second book by Dr Libby, care tips to love yourself more, care tips for HSPs, care tips for INFPs and kind tips by KORA Organics in case you could be hoping to see a couple more posts about a couple of books by Dr Libby or about care tips for self care (please check the links) 🕊

disclaimer: please note, the post was written and published independently of Dr Libby and all of the words noted in the body of the post were written by Dr Libby in an email from and cited by me as carefully as i could in case the care tips could be helpful.

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