a Q and a with natasha

wishing you a happy saturday πŸ•Š here is a post to share a Q and a with natasha, who is from australia and founded a natural make up brand called outback eve (@outbackeve) ! a couple of natural make up products natasha creates for outback eve include lipsticks in a number of different colours, mineral powder foundation, a skin care serum, a natural mascara and more and all of the products are made with as many carefully sourced natural and organic ingredients as possible to help to be gentle on skin 🌸 in the post, natasha shares a bit about how she was inspired to create outback eve and how she chose the name outback eve, a bit about her natural lipsticks and how she was inspired to create them, a couple of outback eve products she could recommend for some one who could be just beginning to try natural beauty care and natural make up, a couple of helpful care tips, a couple of her favourite things and places which inspire her a lot and one of her favourite quotes.

a Q and a with natasha

1. could you note a bit about how you were inspired to create outback eve, a beautiful natural beauty care and natural make up brand based in australia, and a bit about how you chose the name outback eve ?


The Journey: I was inspired to create Outback Eve because I was constantly developing skin reactions from wearing various cosmetics and skin care.

What started my journey was a soft pink lipstick I purchased. I love wearing lipstick everyday and I could never understand why my lips were dry and peeling in an odd pattern. I went to see a GP about my issue who informed me that I was suffering from contact dermatitis. So whatever I was applying to my lips was causing this. As soon as I stopped applying that product, my reaction completely healed.

I thought I would just purchase natural products from now on. I purchased a natural lipstick but it made it my lips worse. I ended up developing contact dermatitis as well as irritation on the corners of my mouth. That reaction was quite painful to recover from.

It was that moment I realised there was a need for a range that was natural and suitable for sensitive skin.

The name: I was inspired by the Outback as it is so beautiful and raw in all its earthy colours and minerals. It also represented something pure and unprocessed. The name β€˜Eve’ means life, live, breathe’ and I wanted a cosmetic range you could wear every day that allows the skin to breathe and just be. And that’s how the name Outback Eve name about.

a couple of beautiful shades of mineral powder foundation created for outback eve

2. one kind of natural make up product you create for outback eve is natural lipstick, could you note a bit about the natural lipsticks and maybe a couple of your favourite names of the lipsticks and colours and how you were inspired to create them ?

natasha: Our lipsticks have a generous amount of natural butters and oils and these are organically sourced where possible. This means that lips receive a good amount of nourishment and hydration as well as having a barrier to protect the lips from moisture loss form the outdoor and indoor elements. We leave out essential oils due to them potentially causing lip irritation. We have also chosen to not use dyes in our lipsticks, which is a common ingredient found in cosmetics to ensure the most sensitive of lips can wear our lipsticks.

πŸ•Š My favourite shade is Ava. I always admire rosy, soft pink shades. The shade Ava reminds me of a classic bridal look you can wear everyday.

πŸ•Š My second favourite is Ivy. It’s a combination of red and brown shades that feels empowering to wear without being an intense red shade.

3. is there a natural beauty care or natural make up product (or a couple of products) you create for outback eve, which you could recommend a lot for some one who could be just beginning to try natural beauty care or natural make up ?

natasha: For someone just beginning to try natural cosmetics I would suggest swapping a product they usually use for a natural alternative. For example if they use a mascara everyday they can swap for a natural version. Or if they wear lipsticks or tinted lip balms, add a natural lipstick to their collection. And slowly build from there should they wish to completely go low-tox.

The best swaps I recommend:

πŸ•Š Skin Booster Serum – it nourishes and hydrates the skin without harsh ingredients and instantly absorbs

πŸ•Š Natural Mascara – the perfect alternative to traditional mascaras

πŸ•Š Natural Lipstick – adds a beautiful and natural hue to the lips while moisturising lips like a lip balm does.

4. are there any care tips you could share for some one who could be hoping to look after themselves as much as possible each day ? (could include a comfy sleep, a lot of water, a walk with a friend)

natasha: Self care tips I suggest would be

πŸ•Š Avoid anything that makes you feel negative. This could spending less time reading news and gossip webpages or muting or unfollowing people on your personal feed that make you feel negative or bad about yourself.

πŸ•Š Going for walks, doesn’t have to be a long walk, but enough to stretch your legs and get some fresh air.

πŸ•Š Taking regular breaks. We so often lose track of time because we a working so hard, so a 2 to 5 min set of stretches or a walk outside can be so beneficial to reset and recharge.

πŸ•Š Being kind to ourselves. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy!

5. could you note a couple of favourite things, places or people you enjoy a lot or which could inspire you a lot (could include outside of natural beauty care and skin care) ?

natasha: I have a few favourite places I enjoy visiting. I find beauty in places built in the 1800s. It’s amazing that some places are well preserved or a are saved from demolition and you can enjoy what people back then enjoyed as well as some history.

My favourite place to visit is Ripponlea Estate. This was once an mansion with beautiful gardens that was exclusive to only a few. It’s right in the middle of a busy suburb! Now this place is available for all to visit with beautifully manicured gardens and a mansion that can host functions and special events. Rippon Lea have special exhibitions at the mansion, I’ve been lucky to attend one showcasing fashion and life in Australia from the 70s and it was amazing!

Another favourite place is the Werribee Mansion. It’s a beautiful place to visit and explore the beautiful gardens around the mansion as well the State Rose garden which has its own beautiful history. In fact I was visiting the Rose Garden one balmy and windy afternoon and the rose scent was so beautiful!

There is a spa retreat at the Mansion in case you feel like a pamper session. A winery is also close by as well as a restaurant.

a garden inspiration photo with light pink roses, found on pinterest

6. is there a quote you love, which always uplifts and inspires you ?


The quote : β€œShe remembered who she was, and the game changed.”

I find this quote uplifting because sometimes we forget who we really are. We usually receive unwarranted feedback that unintentionally shapes us. But as soon as you focus on you and who you really are and what you really want, everything around you changes for the better.

a light pink quote created and shared in a post by @outbackeve

🌸 thank you so much natasha for sharing all of your answers about outback eve and care tips and a couple of your favourite things and ideas for the Q and a post, all of your answers are so careful and helpful and i enjoyed learning a lot about outback eve and how you were inspired to create the brand and a couple of the natural beauty care products you create and a couple of recommendations πŸ•Š and as soon as i could need a natural mascara, lipstick or mineral foundation or another kind of natural beauty care product i could check your website and hopefully share in a post up on care natural b soon ! and wishing you good luck for outback eve always 🌟 in case you could also be hoping to find out more about natasha and outback eve, a link to her website is here and to her instagram page @outbackeve is here.

photo credits: mineral foundation photo is from natasha’s website, outback eve, light pink quote was created and posted by natasha on @outbackeve and garden inspiration photo with light pink roses was found on pinterest

sources: all of the questions for the Q and a post were created by me and all of the answers were carefully written by natasha for the post

please note: i also created and published a couple of earlier Q and a posts with a couple of friends and people i know of and look up to a lot who are also interested a lot in natural beauty care, nutrition and health care, and blogging and could also be working in the industries noted and please check the about page on care natural blog or the interviews category (just on the right hand side of the page) in case you could be hoping to check a couple more Q and a posts

disclaimer: please note, the Q and a post is not gifted or an ad for any of the natural beauty care products or places noted although i hope sharing a couple of links could be helpful just in case you could be hoping to find out a bit more and hope the Q and a post could be helpful πŸ•ŠπŸŒΈ

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