a cream cleanser by biohoney

wishing you a happy friday and here is a post to share and note a bit about a beautiful, soft and creamy cream cleanser i have been using each day, created by biohoney πŸ•Šβ˜ΊοΈ i bought a natural moisturiser by biohoney called natural vitamin e cream just a month or two ago (a link to an earlier post about the moisturiser is here) and after sharing a post about the moisturiser, biohoney kindly offered to post a free gift sample of a new face cleanser they had just created to try, called the avocado and rosehip cream cleanser with avocado oil, rosehip oil and mgo 300+ manuka honey. i am enjoying using the cleanser a lot and hope the post could be helpful in case you could be hoping to try a new cleanser which is creamy, soft, gentle and helpful for sensitive skin and made with a lot of nourishing natural ingredients, or could be curious about natural beauty care and skin care made with manuka honey (post is about a kindly *gifted product).

about biohoney beauty care

as noted on the biohoney website,

β€˜Biohoney is an innovative, family owned company based in Nelson at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. At Biohoney, we carefully select only the best quality honey and ingredients.

Biohoney are true bee guardians. They value bees and the vital part they play in the ecosystem. They do not and will never test their products on animals. When you purchase Biohoney products you can be sure that they have carefully selected the most natural and ethically sound ingredients available. Their goal is to make the most effective and safe products from nature’s quiet little dynamos – the honey bee.

Biohoney Beauty is an extension of the highly popular and trusted Biohoney brand. With an abundance of the healing properties and age-defying vitality of natural and organic ingredients. Biohoney Beauty contains the best of New Zealand nature. Experience Biohoney Beauty for naturally healthier and more radiant skin.’

(from the about page on the biohoney website)

a cream cleanser by biohoney

the avocado and rosehip cream cleanser by biohoney also comes in a beautiful white card package, with a flower illustration and a lot of helpful notes and description about the product. the cream cleanser is packaged in a beautiful glass holder with a pump, and is 100% recyclable. also just like the natural vitamin e moisturising cream by biohoney, the cream cleanser is white, quite thick and feels incredibly soft and smooth, with a pretty and fresh light honey, floral and light apricot scent. although, the cream cleanser is also a bit less thick, softer and smoother and a bit more of a creamy kind of texture (to help to gently cleanse skin on face and not absorb as much as moisturising cream).

i often use the cream cleanser each day in the morning (as just a couple more cleansers including a gentle cleansing gel for sensitive skin by sukin australia and an exfoliating cream by kora organics are in our shower, which i often use each day in the shower, just before bed). although i often use the cream cleanser in the morning (without make up on) it is noted to be helpful for removing make up and because the size of the glass jar is quite generous (175 ml) the cream cleanser could last quite a long time. the cream cleanser by biohoney is a truely beautiful product and helps skin to feel so soft and soothed and freshly cleansed. i am enjoying using the cream cleanser a lot and it could also be 5 stars too (⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️) !

as noted by biohoney on the packaging, 

β€˜biohoney natural vitamin e cream contains enriching

 πŸ•Š avocado oil to nourish and restore

πŸ•Š rosehip oil to support youthful looking skin.

 πŸ•Š manuka honey mgo 300 + to help rejuvenate

 πŸ•Š vitamin e to support healthy skin

biohoney avocado and rosehip cream cleanser gently washes away make up and impurities without drying or disrupting the skins natural ph level. avocado oil and aloe vera leave the skin looking and feeling healthy, fresh and perfectly clean’

(as noted on the biohoney natural vitamin e cream packaging)

in case you could be hoping to find out more about biohoney or to check stockists for biohoney honey products, a link to the biohoney website is here and to the biohoney instagram page (@biohoneynz) is here. as noted on the biohoney website, biohoney also create edible honey products and a baby range, which builds on the biohoney beauty care range πŸ•ŠπŸ―

have you tried natural beauty care made with honey before, or a product made by biohoney nz too ? 

earlier posts: please note, i also published a couple of earlier posts about natural face cleansers, including a post about a rosehip cleansing oil by trilogy natural products, a cream cleanser by kora organics, a face cleanser by neutrogena naturals, a sensitive cleansing gel by skin australia and an exfoliating cream by kora organics in case you could be hoping to check the posts too (please check the links)

i also published a couple of earlier posts sharing recipes with honey in case you could also love honey a lot, including a post about summer peaches with honey and almondsstrawberries and banana with honey and almonds, a couple of honey recipes, a lavender and honey face scrub, and a lemon and honey drink recipe and please check the links πŸ•ŠπŸŒΈ please also check the recipes category (just on the right hand side of the page) in case you could be hoping to find more recipes (both baking and healthy, plant based)

sources: biohoney website, natural cream cleanser by biohoney packaging

disclaimer: please note, the cream cleanser was kindly gifted by biohoney although the post was published independently of biohoney and all of the brands also noted in the post (kindy gifted and not an ad). i hope the post could be helpful in case you could be hoping to check biohoney too or could be hoping to try a natural moisturising cream, which is helpful and gentle on sensitive skin too.

* the cream cleanser was kindly gifted (for free) by biohoney in post

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