a frangipani soap from mailelani

wishing you a happy thursday and hope you could be having a happy beginning to the new year of 2020 πŸ•Šβ˜ΊοΈ here is a post to share and note a bit about a natural and handmade soap noted to be made with a frangipani and lau ti infusion, made by mailelani samoa a favourite natural beauty care brand who are based in samoa with a beautiful shop (and who could also ship worldwide). the natural soap was a Christmas gift from our dad and my younger sister bid also went to samoa a couple of years ago and bought back a light pink body lotion with the same ingredients (of frangipani and lau ti) and a link to an earlier post about the coconut body lotion (and the first post published up on care natural blog) is here ! i hope the post could be helpful in case you could be hoping to visit samoa soon and maybe go to the mailelani shop, or if you could be hoping to try natural, organic and handmade beauty care and skin care made in the pacific, in beautiful samoa πŸ•ŠπŸŒΈ

a frangipani soap by mailelani

handmade in samoa

as noted by mailelani,

‘mailelani “from heaven” in samoa, is an expression of the abundant blessing we, Polynesians, have enjoyed for generations. our products are naturally crafted with cold pressed organic suau’u popo (coconut oil) and other exotic ingredients. mailelani is a friend to nature, committed to sustainable development, employment and quality. our treasure from the heart of Polynesia’

mailelani shop, created and shared in a post by mailelani (@mailelanisamoa)
mailelani’s motto, created on word and plann app

a frangipani soap

the frangipani soap by mailelani comes in a beautiful light pink card package to protect the soap, with a couple of pretty and colourful illustrations (of pacific flowers and a sea turtle) and a couple of notes about the natural soap and ingredients on the outside. i just opened the natural soap on wednesday to use in a bath and after opening the packaging a light and natural soap in a slightly square shape tumbled out and the natural soap had a beautiful illustration (from a print stamp) on the top, of the mailelani samoa brand (with nature illustrations).

the soap has a light and floral scent of the frangipani and lau ti and feels soft and nourishing on skin and is quite gentle (the soap lathers nicely although is not too bubbly and feels moisturising). i enjoyed using the natural frangipani soap with a soft flannel and because i also added a couple of drops of an organic lavender oil in the bath a bit earlier it had a beautiful scent of lavender oil, frangipani and lau from the soap. the soap is also quite a generous size (noted to be about 110 g) and a couple of the ingredients include coconut oil, certified organic and cold pressed virgin oil, organic lau ti extract and frangipani and lau ti fragrance.

light pink frangipani soap, created and shared in a post by mailelani (@mailelanisamoa)

as noted by mailelani,

about lau ti: ‘lau ti is an essential property used in the ancient practice of massage to relieve stress. the anti microbial agent in this oil offers a therapeutic alternative for healthy skin. our low temperature process retains all the qualities of this gentle yet effective cleanser. its natural glycerine moisturises and leaves your skin velvet smooth. helps relieve eczema and psoriasis. lathers in salt water’

about frangipani: ‘frangipani (plumeria) is a delicate scented flower polynesian women wear in their hair as a jewel’ πŸ•ŠπŸŒΈ

have you been to samoa before, or tried a natural beauty care product created by mailelani samoa before too ?

photo credits: photos one and three created and shared in a post by mailelani (@mailelanisamoa) and light pink quote created on word and plann app

sources: frangipani soap packaging

earlier posts: a link to an earlier post about a coconut body lotion by mailelani made with organic coconut oil and also made with frangipani and lau ti is here and to a post about natural soaps created by irma and violet is here

disclaimer: please note, the post was published independently of mailelani (and is not a gift or an ad) and hope the post could be helpful

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