a couple of wardrobe tips by kitty cotten

wishing you a happy saturday and here is a post to share a couple of care tips and ideas for helping to organise / declutter a wardrobe, shared in a clip by kitty cotten (@kittycotten). kitty is a new mum to a baby girl, is from the usa, and has a beautiful blog and often shares clips about capsule wardrobes on her youtube channel. i was just watching a video created by her a couple of days ago called ‘how to declutter your wardrobe in 5 steps’ and the tips she noted were so helpful and i enjoyed the video a lot and thought of also sharing in a post in case it could be of a lot of help. i also checked with kitty and she said thank you and it would be ok to share wardrobe tips, and if you could be hoping to tidy up your clothing / wardrobe or could be a bit unsure and maybe of collected a bit too much, i hope all of the care tips created by kitty could be helpful to share ! πŸ•ŠπŸŒΈ

a couple of wardrobe tips by kitty cotten

about kitty

a photo of kitty from her website and blog, kitty cotten

as noted on her website and blog, kitty cotten, kitty is a wife and a new mum to a little girl, and is passionate about creating a beautifully simple life and home. kitty (and her family) are from minnesota, usa and on her blog and in posts and clips on her social medias, kitty is noted to share her family’s process of renovating and decorating their home, as well as her own my simple and sustainable lifestyle, ideas and tips and updates about her own capsule wardrobes, her plant based lifestyle and her journey as a mum.

(as noted on about, on kitty cotten’s blog)

i first found kitty’s youtube channel and blog just a couple of years ago (in early 2017) and enjoyed watching her videos a lot and her care tips and ideas about capsule wardrobes are really helpful and inspirational. she has a beautiful style (and likes quite natural, pretty and thoughtful and carefully chosen pieces), is quite eco conscious and interested a lot in a sustainable life and conscious choices and also likes green beauty care and skin care products a lot. i was inspired a lot to create care natural blog after finding her blog, and one of the first posts i published (called a lovely blog: kitty cotten) is about her blog. in one clip on her youtube channel about capsule wardrobes, kitty also recommends a book called the curated closet and i also bought a copy of the book and shared a bit about it in a post too (a link to the post about the curated closet book is here in case it could also be helpful to note).

a couple of wardrobe tips by kitty cotten

πŸ•Š step one, take everything out and pile it together: kitty describes how gathering everything together you could be hoping to organise (and maybe placing it onto a bed) could help a lot for creating a visual impact of what you could have (and be hoping to keep and look after, or to gift, donate, recycle, swap or possibly sell online if you can)

πŸ•Š step two, start by pulling out the pieces you love and put them back in your closet: kitty notes how it could be easy to begin with all finding of the pieces you love a lot, feel comfortable in and could wear often, and to pop them carefully back in your wardrobe

a lilo sundress by ruby i just bought second hand and could always keep for step two
a second photo of lilo sundress by ruby

πŸ•Š step three, take out the obvious ‘no’s’: kitty describes how it could then be helpful to find any items which could be a clear ‘no’ (could include items which could maybe no longer fit comfortably, be a bit worn (and cannot be mended) or which maybe you could not feel comfortable in / or be going to wear often. arrange items together to gift, donate or to maybe sell online if you could like to

πŸ•Š step four, sort through ‘maybe’ pile with 7 questions: kitty then notes how the ‘maybe’ pile of items you could just be a bit unsure about could be the longest part of the organising process, and a couple of questions which help her a lot to decide whether or not it could be helpful to keep an item (she asks herself in order) include:

  • does it bring me joy? (inspired by the marie kondo method of tidying)
  • have i used this in the last year?
  • will i actually use this in the next year?
  • would i buy it again?
  • does the item fit you? do i feel good and comfortable in the piece?
  • does this piece fit my current lifestyle?
  • does this piece add value to my life and is it worth maintaining?

πŸ•Š step five, donate, swap, sell or recycle: kitty then describes how for the last step, you just donate, swap, sell or recycle your unwanted items

please note: if you could need some more help or guidance and be hoping to find out a bit more, please check kitty’s original video called ‘how to declutter your wardrobe in 5 steps’ (a link to the original clip is here) for a full description of all of the steps, notes and care tips

how to find kitty: in case you could be hoping to check kitty’s blog or social medias, her blog and website is called kitty cotten, a link to her youtube channel is here (kitty’s videos are always so carefully created and calm and so beautifully made and i enjoy watching them a lot !) and her insagram page is kitty cotten (@kittycotten) πŸ•Šβ˜ΊοΈβœ¨

photo credits: light pink feature photo from kitty’s website and blog, kitty cotten (from early 2017), photo of kitty is also from her website and blog, kitty cotten, lilo sundress by ruby photos are from the ruby boutique website

sources: all of the wardrobe tips noted in post were created by kitty and shared in a video she published on her youtube channel kitty cotten, called ‘how to declutter your wardrobe in 5 steps’ (a link to the original clip is here)

disclaimer: please note, i checked with kitty about if it could be ok to share a couple of wardrobe tips she created in a post and all of the wardrobe tips noted in post were created by kitty and published in one of her videos (a full note is above). the post was also created and published independently (and is not a gift or an ad) and hope sharing kitty’s tips could be helpful

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