a Q and a with lucy

wishing you a happy wednesday and here is a post to share a Q and a with lucy, a friend from wordpress who is from the uk and has a beautiful food and lifestyle blog called ‘eat move empower !’ on lucy’s blog are posts about food and lifestyle as well as think piece posts and i just thought of doing a Q and a post with lucy about one week or two ago and she kindly said yes and carefully wrote down a lot of helpful and kind and inspirational ideas, care tips, favourite things and more and i hope you could enjoy post ! in the post with lucy from eat move empower, she shares a bit about the name for her blog and how she was inspired to create a blog, a couple of kinds of posts which could be her favourite to write and create and publish and which she is hoping a lot to keep on creating in future, a couple of care tips, a couple of favourite things she loves, enjoys a lot and could always be inspired a lot by, a couple of ideas and care tips she has for some one who could also be hoping to create a blog and one of her favourite quotes ! 🕊☺️🙌🏼✨

about lucy and eat move empower

lucy is from the uk and has a beautiful blog and instagram page called ‘eat move empower’ (a favourite blog on wordpress i enjoy reading all of the posts of so much !) the tag line for lucy’s blog eat move empower is: ‘passionate pieces focused on food and lifestyle’ and on her instagram page her blog is noted to be a food and lifestyle blog. on her blog, lucy shares posts about her favourite nourishing foods (with recipes) and nice places to eat, natural beauty care, health and wellbeing, think pieces about ideas and inspiration and travel posts all with a lot of beautiful photos and images of nourishing drinks (including matcha lattes) and foods (including hazelnut and almond balls, nourishing bowls of granola with strawberries and bananas, smoothie bowls, fresh fruit at a local farmer’s market stall, warming veggie soups with colourful and healthy toppings and a lot more !)

a beautiful matcha latte photo created by lucy (@eatmoveempower)

as noted by lucy on the about page of her blog eat move empower on wordpress,

‘the ethos behind lucy’s blog is to create a community, a hub, to share, express and create all things lifestyle; the minimal, simple joys that are necessities in our lives and she is always favouring and encouraging quality over quantity. food, travel, wellness, beauty are all the things lucy is noted to love, so hence her blog ‘eat move empower’ was born.’

“if one of my posts can help, or be the catalyst for the spark of inspiration for something then my mission is complete. i for one, know that blogs are still where I look for this inspiration” by lucy

(cited and quoted from about, eat move empower)

an image from the about page of lucy’s blog eat move empower

a Q and a post with lucy

here are a couple of questions i thought of to ask lucy for a Q and a post, and her answers 🕊🌸

1. you created a beautiful blog (on wordpress) called ‘eat move empower’ and your blog is noted to include ‘passionate pieces focused on food and lifestyle !’ could you describe a bit about the name you created and chose for your blog, ‘eat move empower’, and also about how you were inspired to first create your blog ?

lucy: thank you! for a year and a half, my blog was called “le minimal edit” but after a while, i found that it didn’t fit with my pieces and where i was going. so “eat move empower” came from my love of food and cooking, and my love to exercise and keep fit. then i chose “empower” because since creating my blog, my “think pieces” on empowerment and other pieces such as gratitude have been such a dream to write and create. it then perfectly summed up everything i love and enjoy. i was inspired to create my blog through friends and family after people were regularly coming to me for food recommendations, recipe ideas and other general recommendations so i thought i would just compile everything on one place into a blog.

a photo of one of lucy’s think pieces about gratitude, shared in a post up on care natural b

2. a couple of subjects of posts on your blog include food and lifestyle (travel, health and wellness, beauty care and ideas and inspiration) and a couple of favourite posts I enjoyed reading a lot just recently include a think piece post about gratitude and a post about a feminine and natural eau de parfum spray created be le labo, called fragrance: a new favourite ! are there any kinds of posts which could be your favourite to write and create and publish and which you could also be hoping a lot to keep on creating in future for your blog ?

lucy: my favourite posts to write are think pieces but also any posts on food and travel. i think that is largely to do with the fact as a reader these are the posts i love and read regularly. i hope to continue and to create more food and travel recommendations but also expand on my think pieces. by covering more topics that i am passionate about such as feminism and other topics like “equality within the workplace”.

a photo from one of lucy’s most recent think pieces about gratitude
a second photo from one of lucy’s most recent think pieces about gratitude

3. are there any care tips you could share with some one who could be hoping to look after themselves as much as possible ? could include beauty care and skin care, a comfy sleep, books, a natural and nourishing recipe (i truely love the sound of all of the recipe posts published on your blog a lot, including the one about the hazelnut and almond balls and the matcha latte recipe and all of the photos are so beautiful and simple and clear with beautiful warm lighting !)

lucy: thank you! i would say that from my own experience, good food,  good sleep and surrounded by those you love in those times when you want to look after yourself. my perfect night of self-care would be to cook either for myself or others, something nourishing and warming like a sri-lankan curry or dhal (i am obsessed with curries) then finished off with some dark chocolate for dessert. at the end of the night, i would do my skincare and a drink a lot of water and either just chill with my friends or family or read because i find it very relaxing and calming.

a nourishing veggie bowl photo created by lucy (@eatmoveempower)

4. could you note a couple of possible favourite things you love, enjoy a lot or could always be inspired a lot by, which could may or may not be included in posts up on your blog ? (could include care and self care, books, music, inspiration, poetry, a favourite teacher or a friend, animals, a favourite place to be)

lucy: i would say that my favourite things that i enjoy are travel, in particular la, california. after going there in 2019, it utterly captured my heart and soul and truly feel like it has my heart and cannot wait to go back there sometime soon. i found it to be so inspiring and because I am quite active, the lifestyle suited me. i love catching up with friends, whenever i see one of my friends and we always love to catch-up and walk around the city whilst having a coffee and some fresh street-food.
but also i love the simple things like a walk in the countryside with my dogs, some good plant-based food with my family and friends. 

an inspiration photo of california, found on pinterest

5. are there any ideas or care tips you could have for some one who could also be hoping to create a blog ? (could include about ideas for posts, photos, how to choose a name or creating on wordpress)

lucy: i would say firstly choose a name that personally inspires you and when you see it, it makes you feel excited and gives you that buzz. i found that as soon as i changed mine, it gave me a new sense of inspiration. but to write about things to enjoy and love, and not to worry about all the things you think you need to write a blog because you don’t need them. just a good mobile camera, a good eye and writing about the things you enjoy and love.

a bowl with strawberries and bananas by lucy (@eatmoveempower)

6. is there a quote you love, which always uplifts and inspires you ?

lucy: change your mindset, change your life – because as soon as i heard this it was at a time it was really needed, it helped me to change my mindset and change my perspective. when you see things in a new way, it definitely can change parts of your life. we never have to stay the same person if we don’t want to be, we can all change for the better if that’s what we need and want.

one of lucy’s favourite quotes, created on word

thank you so much lucy for sharing a couple of answers for a Q and a post to share up on care natural b and all of your answers (about your blog, care tips, ideas and inspiration, a couple of your favourite things) are all so carefully written and helpful and kind and generous and thank you so much for noting and sharing them ! 🕊☺️🙌🏼✨ i am so appreciative and thank you so much and wishing you good luck always and i am hoping a lot to read posts in future (including your favourite kinds of posts to create and publish, noted to be food, travel care tips and recommendations and think pieces posts !) in case you could be hoping to find lucy, and to check or to find out a bit more about her blog eat move empower, please check the links just noted below:

a link to lucy’s

🕊 blog eat move empower on wordpress is here

🕊 instagram page @eatmoveempower is here

photo credits: matcha latte, nourishing veggie bowl and bowl with strawberries and bananas created by lucy (@eatmoveempower), screen shots of about page and of think piece: gratitude are from lucy’s blog eat move empower and care natural b on wordpress, california inspiration photo is from pinterest and light pink quote with one of lucy’s favourite quotes was created on word !

sources: lucy’s blog eat move empower on wordpress and all of the answers noted by lucy are her own

earlier posts: please note, i also shared a post originally published by lucy called ‘think piece: gratitude’ if you could be hoping to check post (and a link to post is here !) in case you could be hoping to check a couple of earlier Q and a and interview kinds of posts published up on care natural b please check the about page for a full note of Q and a posts or the interviews category (just on the right hand side of the page, under categories !)

please note: all of the questions noted in the Q and a post were created by me (care natural b) and all of the answers noted by lucy are her own (noted in an email) and the post is not a gift or an ad 🕊🌸

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