a Q and a with summer from nature’s repair

wishing you a happy easter weekend and hope you could be safe and ok 🕊☺️✨ here is a post to share a Q and a with beautiful summer an extraordinarily kind founder of a safe, natural body care and organic skin care brand called nature’s repair ! nature’s repair is noted to be created with 100% safe and natural ingredients (all natural) to help to be as gentle and nourishing on skin as possible. summer and i first became friends on instagram (summer’s page for nature’s repair is @naturesrepairofficial) just after opening a second page after care natural b, called camomile care (@camomilecare and a bit more about camomile care noted in about) and she has been so kind and generous and supporting from the beginning and each step of the way and @naturesrepairofficial is a favourite page with so many beautiful images of nature’s repair products, ideas and inspiration for healthy and nourishing recipes and self care, and about a love for mother nature and natural beauty and looking after our natural world 🕊🌸 in the post, summer shares a couple of her favourite things in nature, a bit about how she was inspired to create the nature’s repair brand and choose the name, a couple of her top self care tips, a couple of her favourite natural beauty care products created by nature’s repair, including a bit about the natural / organic ingredients included and a bit about the product(s), a couple of ideas / care tips for how to be a part of the health / beauty care industry too and one of her favourite quotes and thank you so much summer for carefully sharing all answers and i appreciate it a lot and thank you so much !


about summer !

beautiful summer, founder of nature’s repair

summer’s story: here are some words noted by summer about her background and how she created and founded her natural body care and organic skin care brand, ‘nature’s repair.’ all of the words noted are by summer, shared in a word doc she sent called: ‘our founder’s story.’ i kept all of the original words by summer (without editing or paraphrasing) to help to be as careful and accurate as possible in sharing summer’s story, about her journey from a highly successful career in aerial firefighting in the usa, to being the founder of ‘nature’s repair’ a natural body care and organic skin care brand.

a brief summary note about summer’s story: summer notes how she was an aerial firefighting pilot who was creating natural skin care from 2009 to help to protect her health and wellbeing and look after and nourish skin as much as possible. she then created a highly successful and helpful formula in 2013, which was being sold by a california based company under a label until just recently, where it was noted to be helping a lot of people with skin conditions, causing summer to feel so over joyed and happy ! summer then went on to create and launch her own company, ‘nature’s repair’ !

summer: ‘nature’s repair® was unintentionally created by me, summer leigh. i have a 20 year aerial firefighting career that has been based out of many areas in the western united states, but mostly in california out of the santa maria air tanker base. i achieved a rare honor of being designated by the FAA as the chief pilot, director of safety, and check airman for 2 FAA part 135 firefighting companies all simultaneously. i began making my own skin care around 2009 with no knowledge of what i was doing or the science behind skin care. i just wanted to control the toxins entering my body because so many of my family and friends were developing cancer, memory and other various health issues and i knew i did not want to end up like them. my grandmother drove it into me to learn from my mistakes and the mistakes of others. that has always been the single greatest piece of advice i have ever received. that is why nature’s repair® exists today. to make truly natural and healthy skin care available to everyone.

back then i was just the average person mixing what appeared to be good healthy oils in my kitchen. the concoction that i had made, all with ingredients that claimed they were wonderful for the skin, did serious skin damage. i spent so much time at high altitudes and exposed to the sun, it took a toll that was more exaggerated than for a normal person. a dermatologist said the pigmentation damage was permanent. it looked like 2 color puzzle pieces all over my face. i kicked my research into high gear about what the skin needs to heal and repair itself and the science behind different ingredients because i knew i could reverse it. in 2013 i developed the current and extraordinary formula i sell today. the process of combining these ingredients is revolutionary. it is so unconventional that when i was teaching the manufacturer how to make it, he had a very difficult time wrapping his head around it. i had to explain why each step was exceptionally important and if anything is off, even just a little, it won’t work. the process i was able to figure out allows mother nature to unlock and enhance the maximum nutritional benefits of each ingredient while also making the nutrients bio-available for the skin to readily use. the pigmentation damage i had completely reversed, my skin was glowing, wrinkles were fading and 30 year old scars were softening.

at that time, i only made it for myself. a friend who owned a store in CO had surgery, so i gave her some to help her scars heal better. after using it for a short time, she said she wanted to sell it in her store because it was amazing! i called my ingredient supplier for bulk pricing and they asked why i wanted those strange ingredients in bulk. after i told them, they asked for product samples and said they would be back with me in a few months. never in a million years did i think they would want anything to do with my products. within 24 hours of receiving the product, the ceo called and wanted my skin care line exclusively. the california based company sold it under their private label until the exclusive agreement was recently dissolved.’

about nature’s repair

summer: ‘during that time so many people reported their skin conditions disappeared, including psoriasis, rashes and itches were no longer, cold sores stopped appearing, stretch marks were gone and radiation blistering was a thing of the past. i couldn’t believe how many people it was helping! the reviews were pouring in and all i could do was smile!!  absolutely over-joyed! it did so well for that company and helped so many people, i decided to launch on my own and created nature’s repair®. my ingredients are the highest quality from around the world that are grown organically without any pesticides or harmful chemicals, absolutely no genetic engineering, everything is mechanically processed and are as pure as mother nature intended them to be. my skin care line is natural, the way we define natural, no stabilizers, no preservatives, no additives or synthetics of any sort. all of the farms i source from help impoverished communities, which is important to me. we should be raising each other up and helping one another. people over profit’

(all words in italics are noted by summer, from a word doc called ‘our founder’s story’)

a Q and a with summer

a Q and a with summer

here are a couple of topics and questions i thought of to ask summer about, and her answers ! 🕊🌸

1. nature: could you note something (or a couple of favourite things) in nature, which could always inspire you a lot ? (could include a kind of flower, a beach, a meadow, animals, a kind of seashell, colours in nature)

summer: ‘the first thing that comes to mind is water.  whenever i am outside running or meditating, i am always drawn to areas where there are oceans, ponds, waterfalls, rivers or dry river beds. it is cleansing and rejuvenating, but i think it’s really the energy from the movement of the water is what draws me in. the other biggest draw are mountains with some volcanic activity below ground. the entire area of southwest and central colorado draws me in. it is extremely hard for me to leave that area when i visit. i can’t explain it, but i feel very rooted and at home. a complete sense of belonging. plus the geology is absolutely stunning to look at!’ 

2. creating nature’s repair: ‘nature’s repair’ is a beautiful natural body care and organic skin care brand, noted to be created with 100% safe and natural ingredients (all natural) to help to be as gentle and nourishing on skin as possible ! could you describe a bit about how you could of been inspired to create brand, and how you chose the name ‘nature’s repair’ ?

summer: ‘thank you for your kind words. i chose the name nature’s repair because that is the exact description of my products. it is made with all natural ingredients as mother nature provided for us. the unique and natural way of combining these ingredients unlocks incredible nutrition for the skin to heal and repair itself. there are so many wonderful benefits that i cannot advertise because of FDA regulations. it would be considered a drug by law. i am so grateful people are discovering for themselves the wonderful health benefits and the drastic improvement, and often disappearance, for a variety of skin conditions on their own. 

my inspiration for creating these truly natural skin care products came from my friends and family. not because they asked or encouraged me, but because i was watching everyone around me become sick with illness, or have some sort of cancer, memory issue, obesity, or they all needed medications to “look healthy on paper”. i did not want to end up like them. i began researching how to avoid all of those health issues and part of that included a tremendous amount of research regarding a variety of toxins in all areas of our lives including the air we breathe. i couldn’t control everything, so i decided to control what i could. skin care was one of them. when researching each ingredient in the “all natural” skin care products that were available, i discovered they were still filled with toxins. just because something could be derived from a natural source, does not mean it is non-toxic. i did not want any of that on my skin. the point was to minimize the toxins my body has to process as much as possible so it could focus on keeping my organs and brain healthy, young and vibrant. i became a true purist and decided to develop my own skin care that really is natural – the way we define natural.’

3. care tips: are there any care (self care) tips you could note, which you could often do to help to look after yourself as much as possible ? (could include a warm bath, nourishing foods, a walk in countryside, comfy books and inspiration)

summer: ‘the #1 best self care tip is to eat organic, non-GMO, healthy fruits and vegetables and halal meat for us meat eaters. pay attention to the soil it is grown in, call the farms and speak to people about their ethics and practices. when you feed your body what it needs to run efficiently and remove all the toxins from  your system, your energy level increases, your happiness increases, your vitality increases, you feel so much better that you begin to think how you ever survived all those years ingesting toxins. the rest begins to follow, such as exercising, not just walking at a fast pace, but really working out. you suddenly have more time for everything you love. your body can work efficiently at healing itself while sleeping so you wake up naturally early. the sense of accomplishment from watching the sunrise while doing yoga or relaxing with a cup of coffee or tea while meditating before the rush of the day becomes invigorating. taking care of yourself begins with giving yourself the proper nutrition for your body to take care of you, especially moms!!’

4. favourite products and ingredients: could you note a favourite (or a couple of favourite) natural beauty care products you could create for nature’s repair and maybe a bit about the natural / organic ingredients included and a bit about the product(s) ?

summer: ‘my favorite product has not been released yet. it uses a wonderful anti-aging oil from the junin region of peru. the product is called ReNew and will be released later this year. defense is my personal go-to every day. i use it in my hair, all over my entire body and i just love what it does for my feet! i do high intensity cardio workouts everyday and run 1 to 2 hours every other day, my feet are overworked! when I do not use defense after a shower, my feet quickly form callouses. same for my hands when climbing unless i use it before or immediately after. the special beeswax in defense gives your skin exactly what it needs to stay soft and supple!

my ingredients are as pure as mother nature intended. they are all raw, except the beeswax of course, and food grade to protect the natural enzymes, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. treating the ingredients with respect is the first step in having natural skin care that provides healthy bio-available nutrition to the skin. i offer transparency when it comes to all of my ingredients. on my website, i explain the benefits of the individual ingredient, the reason it was used, and it’s source. if it is not on the ingredients page of my website, it is not in my product.’

5. health / beauty industry: are there any care tips or ideas you could share with some one who could also love natural beauty care a lot too and could maybe be hoping to begin a blog or to create and launch a beauty care brand or another kind of business or be a part of the health / beauty industry in some kind of way ?

summer: ‘so many tips, i don’t know where to start! do not become discouraged because you are not an overnight success. nike, samsung, charles shwabb were not overnight successes either, but look at them now. it takes time and you are going to make mistakes. be fluid and open minded to everything. i thought my target audience was one set of people, but as it turns out, it ended up being the group who i thought was the least likely to buy my products!  today, everyone seems to be focused on social media. that may not be the best place to spend your time and money depending on your audience. 

magazines, tv commercials, radio spots, and mail flyers are all still being used by large brands for a reason. most importantly, do not be afraid. if you believe in your product, you will succeed. get in there and give it everything you have!’

6. ideas: is there a quote you love a lot, which you could always feel inspired and uplifted by ?

summer: ‘yes, it is really advice and it is from my late grandmother. she repeated it to me every time i saw her growing up so i would never forget: “always learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of other people.” – dorothy mahler

i have used this in every aspect of my life and it has made me a better person over and over and over. it also made me healthier mentally and physically, which is the greatest gift i could have ever received and inspires me everyday to keep looking for and learning from my mistakes and those around me, even children. there is something to learn from everyone’ 

thank you so much summer for kindly being ok to share a couple of answers for a Q and a post to share up on care natural b 🕊☺️🙌🏼 and all of your answers (about your background and story, favourite things in nature, creating the nature’s repair brand, self care tips, favourite natural beauty care products and ingredients, ideas for being a part of the health / beauty industry too and your favourite, helpful advice from your grandmother) are all so carefully written and helpful and generous and thank you so much for noting and sharing them ! i enjoyed carefully reading all of the answers so much, including about your background as a successful pilot who did aerial firefighting, interest in health, wellness, nutrition and nourishing skin care, how you carefully researched natural ingredients and created a lot of helpful and nourishing formulas, and the inspiration behind / journey in founding the ‘nature’s repair’ brand. i am so appreciative and thank you so much and wishing you best of luck always for nature’s repair !

how to find summer and nature’s repair: in case you could be hoping to find out a bit more about summer and nature’s repair / check a couple of beautiful natural body care and organic skin care products created by nature’s repair or to find out some more info, please check the links noted (with a couple more links to social media pages noted on the nature’s repair website !)

🕊 website nature’s repair, www.naturesrepair.org

🕊 instagram nature’s repair official, @naturesrepairofficial

🕊 contact email: sales@naturesrepair.org, number: 833-7NATURE (usa)

photo credits: photos of summer are both from summer, photo of girl on beach with white flowing material and image about ingredients are from the nature’s repair website, www.naturesrepair.org, ocean inspiration photo was found on pinterest and all other images (and a screen shot) are from nature’s repair on instagram, @naturesrepairofficial

sources: ‘our founder’s story’ word doc, sent by summer, all of summer’s answers are her own and the nature’s repair website, www.naturesrepair.org

earlier posts: please note, in case you could be hoping to check a couple of earlier Q and a and interview kinds of posts published up on care natural b please check the about page for a full note of Q and a posts or the interviews category (just on the right hand side of the page, under categories !)

disclaimer: please note, all of the questions for the Q and a were created by me (care natural b) and all of the answers noted by summer are her own (noted in an email) and the post is not a gift or an ad for nature’s repair brand or natural body care and organic skin care, although i hope noting a bit about products and how to find some more info could be helpful if you could be hoping to find a bit more ! 🕊🌸

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