rose natural body care

wishing you a happy wednesday and hope you could be safe and ok πŸ•Šβ˜ΊοΈ here is a post to share and note a bit about a natural body care product (a natural deodorant) i just bought about one month ago, and is so helpful and gentle on sensitive skin and hope post could be helpful too ! it is made in nz and noted to be created with aroha (nz maori word for ‘love’) by aotearoad (@aotearoad), and is noted to be vegan, aluminium free and to be made in compostable packaging. the natural deodorant is in the flavour ‘rose and vanilla’ and had a lot of wonderful and positive notes and reviews online too which helped to encourage me to buy one to try, and it is so nice and beautiful to use and i could recommend it a lot !

rose natural body care

about rose natural body care by aotearoad: just recently, i had run out of eco friendly body care by ever kind nz (@everkindnz) (a favourite and very helpful natural, organic nz brand and a link to an earlier post about eco friendly body care by ever kind is here and to a post about an organic massage balm by ever kind is here). i was also just running a bit low on another one created by biologika (a link to an earlier post about eco friendly body care by biologika is here) and bought a rose and vanilla one created by aotearoad to try !

the rose and vanilla deodorant is about 10 (nzd) and comes in a beautiful bright, warm pink cardboard cylinder package, which is noted to be compostable and planet friendly. the formulation is a light, white colour with a soft and creamy texture, which is gentle and easy to apply to skin. it has a beautiful warm and soft rose fragrance (with a little vanilla) i truely love so much and i use the natural deodorant just a little, both in the morning and just after a shower or a bath (before bed). i found the natural deodorant to be 100% gentle on sensitive skin, safe and effective in helping to protect clothes and help keep me dry all day (including during and after exercise i often do each day; going jogging with our labrador pup ruby).

as noted on the packaging,

aotearoad deodorant is: made with aroha (love), good for you and good for the planet. a potent, chemical free formulation that uses all natural ingredients to commit odour causing bacteria. we have carefully blended rose and vanilla essential oils with protective coconut oil. aluminium free with no sticky, toxic residue. planet friendly, plastic free, compostable paper tubes.

directions: for all day protection, push bottom of tube with your thumb to expose deodorant. hold to underarm for a few seconds to soften, swipe slowly and rub in if needed. avoid using on broken or freshly shaven skin. if irritation occurs, discontinue use. further information available at

πŸ•Š no palm oil

πŸ•Š no parabens

πŸ•Š no synthetic fragrance

as also noted on the packaging, a couple of natural ingredients in the rose and vanilla natural deodorant include: certified organic coconut oil and starch, and natural essential oils (including a rose and a vanilla essential oil)

could you of tried a natural beauty care product by aotearoad before too, or could recommend a different kind of one ?

how to find aotearoad:

πŸ•Š website (with a full note of natural, organic, ethical and sustainable products created)

πŸ•Š instagram @aotearoad

earlier posts: a couple of earlier posts about natural and eco friendly body care include a post about eco friendly body care, a caring deodorant from the body shop, eco friendly body care by ever kind and eco friendly body care by biologika if it could be helpful to note

photo credit: light pink rose photo created and published by kora organics on instagram (@koraorganics)

sources: aotearoad rose and vanilla deodorant packaging

disclaimer: please note the post was created and published independently of aotearoad brand (and is not a gift or an ad) although hope post and noting a bit about brand and a couple of links could be helpful πŸ•ŠπŸŒΈ

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