a Q and a post with denny

wishing you a happy wednesday and hope you could be safe and ok 🕊☺️✨ here is a post to share a Q and a with denny (@needyedie.co) a friend from instagram who also loves natural beauty care and kora organics a lot too and has a beautiful page where she often shares a lot of flowers posts, positive quotes and posts about kora organics with miranda kerr and posts with audrey hepburn a lot too ! denny is a mum of two (a boy and a baby girl) and kindly said it could be ok to share a couple of answers about nature, inspiration, favourite things, kora organics, care tips and more for a Q and a post and in the post are a couple of answers by her about: her love for mother nature and the natural world, a couple of her favourite female inspirational figures (including miranda kerr and audrey hepburn), a couple of her favourite self care and wellbeing tips and favourite products from kora organics (@koraorganics) by miranda kerr, a couple of her favourite natural beauty care and skin care products and favourite quotes and ideas and thank you so much denny for carefully sharing all answers for post and i appreciate it a lot and hope you could enjoy post !

a Q and a post with denny

here are a couple of topics and questions i thought of to ask denny about, and her answers ! 🕊🌸

1 nature: could you note something (or a couple of favourite things) in nature, which could always inspire you a lot ? (could include a kind of flower, a beach, a meadow, animals, a kind of seashell, colours in nature) 

denny: nature is just the most beautiful thing. You can’t make anything more perfect than Mother Earth can. My earliest childhood memories were with my mother while she was gardening and that was always my happiness time with her. I do my deepest soul-searching while being in nature. Watching my kids discover new things while being at park, hiking trails or at the beach brings me so much joy. 

2 inspirational figures: on your instagram page you often share a lot of beautiful ideas and inspiration posts with audrey hepburn, miranda kerr and other inspirational figures ! could you note a bit about how your favourite inspirational figures could inspire you a lot / a couple of favourite things about them and could there be a favourite (or a couple of favourite) movie(s) with audrey hepburn you could always enjoy watching a lot ? 

denny: I have five beautiful, thoughtful and genuine women that inspire me day to day that’s Audrey Hepburn, Miranda Kerr, Olivia Palermo, Sienna Miller and Edie Sedgwick. Audrey was the very first person that I aspired to be like after seeing Funny Face and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I thought that she was so lovely, she was such a nurturing mother and humanitarian working for the world’s children. Audrey had a great need to love and be loved, and I think that is the same for all of the other woman on my list especially Edie Sedgwick.

I resonated most with her because of our traumatic upbringing. To be completely honest I would’ve ended up like her (Rest In Peace) if I didn’t choose my Bob Dylan over Andy Warhol. I realized that there is more to life than wallowing in self-pity over my traumatic childhood. I started looking into self-help when I came across an interview that Miranda Kerr had done and she was so big about self love and acceptance that she really helped me to overcome the negativity that I had. 

She said “Only you are the person placing standards on yourself and only you are the one who’s comparing yourself to others.” And “Not trying to be one certain thing, just embracing who you are and having fun with it.” She really changed the way I viewed myself and the negative thoughts I kept feeding in my head. 

an inspiration post of miranda kerr (@mirandakerr) posted by denny (@needyedie.co)

3 care tips: are there any care (self care) tips you could note, which you could often do to help to look after yourself as much as possible ? (could include a warm bath, nourishing foods, a walk in countryside, comfy books and inspiration) 

denny: my self care has really been on the back burner since I’ve had my second child 
I love to cook but lately with two kids I find myself snacking all the time and it has not been good for me. 

🕊 that’s why I appreciate the little things like actually being able to cook a healthy meal for myself. I also take Sun Potion supplements for a healthy mind and body.

🕊 I also love to practice meditation. I have quite a collection of crystals I like to use while I practice.

🕊 I love to exercise when I can. I wish I could do more but their just isn’t enough time in the day. 

4 kora organics: on your instagram page you also often note how much you love organic skin care from kora organics by miranda kerr ! could you note just one favourite (or a couple of favourite) product(s) from kora organics you could love a lot / could maybe always be hoping to repurchase and also if there could be any kora organics products you could recommend, maybe to some one who could be a beginner to trying kora organics ?  

denny: Kora Organics is my holy grail of skincare! I can’t say enough great things about this cruelty free, certified organic line.

I have very sensitive and oily skin and these products really helped to clear up my skin. I even suffer from Eczema and the Noni glow body oil and lotion really helps with that issue. If I could only recommend three products it would have to be the Noni glow face oil, turmeric brightening mask and the AHA night resurfacing serum. Those three products are game changing.

I also really loved the clay purifying mask but I don’t think they will be bringing that back on the website. I do have a few in my fridge I am hoping they are not going to go bad because I can’t give them up. 

a couple of kora organics natural beauty care products created by denny (@needyedie.co)

5 natural beauty care: are there any natural beauty care or skin care products you often use each day (in morning or night) which you could love a lot and find so helpful / nourishing / uplifting (could include a natural beauty care tool, skin care product(s) by kora organics or other or a kind of make up product) 

denny: I am just as basic as it gets in the skin care community. As you know I use Kora Organics for skin care prep. Every morning cleanse my face then use the vitamin c serum moisturizer and the Noni glow face oil then eye oil. If I have time I will use the Rose quartz facial sculptor. Then for primer I use One Heck of a Blot by Soap and Glory. For makeup I love RMS beauty for foundation, Un Cover-up concealer and for my cheeks I use Lip to Cheek. For my lips I usually use Chanel, Dior or Charlotte Tilbury. Then for eyebrows I use Glossier Boy Brow. I don’t like wearing a lot of make up, only for special occasions.

an inspiration post of audrey hepburn with lipstick, posted by denny (@needyedie.co)

6 ideas: is there a quote you could love a lot, which you could always feel inspired and uplifted by ? 

denny: some of my favorite quotes from Miranda Kerr are “Be gentle with yourself and be gentle with others.” “The best way to deal with jealousy is to deal with it breathe and then just let it go because you should never compare yourself to someone else, we’re all so different and unique. You should find what your best qualities are and expand and grow from there” and a few quotes from Audrey Hepburn that I also love are  “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” “The most important thing is to enjoy your life, to be happy, it’s all that matters.” and “Whatever a man might do, whatever misery or heartache your children might give you – and they give you a lot – however much your parents irritate you – it doesn’t matter because you love them.” I think all of these quotes are helpful and true for just about everyone on the planet.

a treasure yourself affirmation card created by miranda kerr (@mirandakerr) and found on pinterest

thank you so much denny for kindly being ok to share a couple of answers for a Q and a post to share up on care natural b and i am so appreciative and thank you so much 🕊☺️🙌🏼✨ and all of your answers (about mother nature, a couple of favourite inspirational figures, favourite care tips and kora organics products, a couple of favourite natural beauty care and skin care products and ideas / quotes) are all so helpful and generous and carefully written and thank you so much for noting and sharing them ! i enjoyed carefully reading all of the answers a lot, including about your love for mother nature and 5 inspirational figures, a couple of your favourite kora organics products (i love the noni glow face oil so much too and a couple of beauty care and make up products you noted and recommended i am hoping a lot to try) and thank you so much and wishing you good always 🌟

how to find denny: in case you could be hoping to find out a bit more about denny / check her page on instagram with a lot of beautiful flowers posts, positive and uplifting quotes posts, posts with her 2 beautiful children (a boy and a baby girl), about kora organics, and more please check the link noted

 🕊 instagram denny (@needyedie.co)

photo credits: natural beauty care post with kora organics products was created by denny (@needyedie.co), photos of miranda kerr and audrey hepburn were shared in a post by denny on her page (@needyedie.co) and light pink treasure yourself affirmations cards post was found on pinterest

sources: all of denny’s answers are her own

earlier posts: please note, in case you could be hoping to check a couple of earlier Q and a and interview kinds of posts published up on care natural b please check the about page for a full note of Q and a posts or the interviews category (just on the right hand side of the page, under categories !) 

disclaimer: please note, all of the questions for the Q and a were created by me (care natural b) and all of the answers noted by denny are her own (noted in an email and word doc) and the post is not a gift or an ad for any of the natural beauty care / health and wellbeing products noted in post or brands 🕊🌸 

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature on your blog. You did a wonderful job. I really enjoyed putting it together. Bless your heart and soul.🙏🏻🤍🌸

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