a gentle milk and lavender soap created by ecostore

hope you could be safe and ok and wishing you a happy friday πŸ•Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ™ŒπŸΌ here is a post about a beautiful and very gentle natural soap i first bought about a couple of months ago (from our local shop) and bought a couple more times afterward because i love it so much ! the soap is created by ecostore, a natural and eco friendly brand and company who are from nz (where i am from), and who create a lot of body care, baby care and home care products (fabric wash, cleaning products and more) with as many natural and safe ingredients as possible and in eco friendly packaging, which is often recyclable. the soap is called 'goat's milk and lavender baby soap' and is noted to be created for sensitive and delicate skin, and i love using it so much because of the gentleness and natural ingredients and hope post could be helpful ! ✨

Eco friendly body care

Here is a post to share just a couple of kinds of natural and eco friendly body care products I hope could be helpful to note in case you could be hoping to begin to use natural and eco friendly body care, or could be hoping to try a natural and eco friendly body care product πŸ•Š a couple of the natural and eco friendly products noted include an eco friendly and organic deodorant (I use a light pink one by everkind each day), a natural and organic oil (I use an organic coconut by blue coconut each day as a body moisturiser and sometimes for hair care too or as a lip balm) and natural soaps (I often use natural soaps by earthwise each day in a shower or bath).

A couple of eco friendly tips

Here is a post to share a couple of eco friendly and green tips (or goals) from a quote found on Pinterest πŸ•Š the quote is noted to be made by hello nature blog, and includes 10 eco friendly and green tips (and goals) about how to make careful choices and be as eco friendly as possible in a simple and easy way, in day to day life 🌸 a couple of the tips noted include planting a tree (or two), using reusable shopping bags and buying second hand where possible, and I am hoping to do as many of the eco friendly and green tips (or goals) as possible, to help to look after the environment πŸ•Š I also studied environmental studies at Uni and often try to learn as much about being as eco friendly as possible, and be open to and listen to others' ideas, notes and tips.