a Q and a post with calise from less by nature

hope you could be safe and ok and wishing you a happy wednesday and here is a post to share a Q and a with calise, an extraordinarily kind co founder of 'less by nature' (@lessbynature) πŸ•Šβ˜ΊοΈβœ¨ less by nature is a favourite page, and a natural and organic skin care brand from nz, with gentle and nourishing products for mums and babies' skin ! calise kindly said it could be ok to do a Q and a post and noted in post is a brief bio about 'less by nature' brand, a couple of images of beautiful natural and organic skin care created by less by nature for mums and babies and a couple of answers by calise about: less by nature, creating and co founding the less by nature brand with her husband and choosing the name, favourite natural beauty care products and ingredients, ideas for being a part of the health / beauty industry too and a favourite care tip and thank you so much calise πŸ•ŠπŸŒΈ

Organic massage balm by ever kind

a couple of days ago i bought an organic massage balm (in summer) from ever kind, a favourite natural, organic and award winning beauty care and body care brand who are based in nz (where i am from) πŸ•Š i use an organic and eco friendly light pink deodorant from ever kind each day (kindly gifted from a free giveaway gift post on the ever kind instagram page @everkindnz) and the deodorant is the most gentle, safe and effective deodorant i have used before (a link to an earlier post about organic deodorant by ever kind is here) and i was hoping to try another natural beauty care product by ever kind, who also create a couple more kinds of products, including a face and beard balm for men, a natural insect repellant and a couple of organic massage balms, and i chose to try an organic massage balm to also share in a post in case it could be helpful.