a guest blog two: a mindful mind and a calmer headspace by lucy

a guest blog two: hope you could be safe and ok and here is a post to share a second guest blog created by lucy, a friend from wordpress and instagram who also has a beautiful healthy foods and lifestyle blog, called ‘eat move empower’ (@eatmoveempower on instagram) ! just about a week ago, lucy shared her first guest blog, called ‘simple ways to incorporate more movement into your lifestyle,’ where she noted 4 of her top ideas and care tips about how it could be easy and helpful to include a bit more movement and exercise into our day to day life where possible, for positive changes to our health and wellbeing (a link to post on care natural b is here !) here is a post to share a second guest blog piece by lucy about mindfulness, called 'how a more mindful mind allows a calmer headspace' ✨ in the post, lucy shares 3 ideas and care tips about how being a bit more mindful in day to day life could be of a lot of help in feeling calmer in our headspace and minds.

Care tips by Dr Libby

wishing you a happy friday and here is a post to share a couple of care tips about how to soothe your nervous system, as noted in an email by Dr Libby i just read on thursday morning 🕊 i hope sharing the post and care tips could be helpful and please note all of the words in the post were written by Dr Libby from her email and cited as carefully as i could. a couple of the tips noted include acknowledge (acknowledge any kinds of anxious feelings which you could be feeling), accept (accept anxious feelings) and amp up (amp up your deep breaths from your diaphragm and intake of fresh and whole foods with a lot of healthy and helpful nutrients) and Dr Libby also encourages you to maybe question how your body could be trying to communicate a helpful message to you (through anxious feelings) and to also take such good care of your precious self.